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  • AMD in last minute HSA push

    So far AMD has converted Imagination Technologies, ARM, Samsung, Mediatek, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments to the technology. The reason they are interested might be simply that it gives them access to APU technology that they would not have for years.
  • Warrior charges into chip war

    Imagination's first MIPS based Warrior CPU core will be delivered to device makers by the end of the year.
  • The CPU’s reign as Czar is over

    IEF 2013You can forget about CPUs and the future depends on the cooperation of different engines on SoCs, said Tony King-Smith, EVP marketing, Imagination Technologies here in Dublin today
  • Samsung attacked over fudged benchmarks

    Both chips are manufactured at Samsung's System LSI chip fab and Apple uses its own DIY "Swift" CPU core design, paired with GPU core tech it licenses from Imagination Technologies, providing four PowerVR SGX 554MP4 cores to power graphics on the iPad 4.
  • Nvidia to license GPU IP to ARM outfits

    At the moment the vast majority of ARM SoCs ships with Imagination Technologies or ARM GPUs and Nvidia doesn’t have much of an overall market share. However, this could change in a heartbeat and Nvidia believes it could cash in.
  • Nvidia announces more Tegra vapourware

    Nvidia now appears to be leveraging its GPU design prowess, which is a good thing. Although Nvidia is usually associated with snappy graphics chips, the first three generations of its Tegra SoCs did not offer world beating graphics.
  • Intel to showcase dual-core mobile Atom platform at MWC

    Intel is finally starting to shift its focus to mobile and the chipmaker plans to showcase a dual core, dual graphics Atom platform at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month.
  • Intel Bay Trail slides leaked

    Bay Trail means a shift to a quad-core, 22nm, out-of-order design. It speeds up the CPU with burst modes of up to 2.7GHz. It will also feature Intel's own graphics processor instead of a licensed core from Imagination Technologies.
  • Britain fights the US over MIPS

    British Imagination Technologies' plan to offer $60 million for the operating business of MIPS Technologies faces competition.
  • China's chip industry on the up

    Godson uses an entirely different design from ARM and x86 CPUs. They use a MIPS64 CPU instruction set from chip designer MIPS, which is being acquired by Imagination Technologies. It cannot manage Windows and runs on Linux.
  • MIPS sells itself to Imagination Technologies

    MIPS has agreed to be bought by a British graphics chip design firm Imagination Technologies and will sell 498 of its 580 patents to Allied Security Trust, which bills itself as an "advisor to companies wishing to avoid the onus of patent suits
  • Clover trail is already pushing up the daisies

    There is a lot of bad blood between Imagination Technologies, owner of PowerVR and Linux developers, so Perens might be grinding an ancient axe here. Intel previously used PowerVR in their Poulsbo architecture which Perens said was a disaster.
  • Imagination Technologies comes back from the dead

    Imagination Technologies wants to have a crack at putting the fear of god into Nvidia and AMD in the graphics card industry.
  • AMD, ARM and chipmakers team up to take on Intel

    The alliance was announced at AMD's Fusion Developer Summit and included are Imagination Technologies, MediaTek, and Texas Instruments.
  • Ex AMD CTO, Eric Demers, goes to Qualcomm

    This is important as Qualcomm has to come up with competition from Imagination Technologies with its Series 6 PowerVR architecture and Nvidia is gaining traction in the ARM processor field.
  • Imagination Technologies announces PowerVR Series 6

    CES 2012British-based fabless IC designer, Imagination Technologies, has announced its plans to release a next generation of mobile GPUs that will knock the proverbial socks off the competition, they happen to have called it ‘Rogue
  • Imagination Technologies buys into Toumaz

    Semiconductor intellectual property company Imagination Technologies is a financial backer to a new Toumaz subsidiary, Toumaz Microsystems, which will focus solely on low power, wireless ICs.
  • Apple-backed Imagination lends Samsung some IP

    Part-Apple owned System on Chip IP company, Imagination Technologies, has signed a licence agreement with Cupertino arch-rival Samsung to use its intellectual property.

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