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  • GlobalFoundries to buy IBM Semi

    The Wall Street Journal has found that contract chipmaker GlobalFoundries (GloFo) is the leading candidate to buy IBM's semiconductor operations.
  • Lenovo at centre of anti-IBM propaganda war

    Lenovo trenches have been scattered with propaganda leaflets saying that the outfit’s late acquisition of IBM’s server business will not save it from the grand army of HP.
  • IBM realises that any NSA relationship is an albatross

    In a series of “commitments to its customers” IBM, Robert C. Weber the Senior Vice President for Legal and Regulatory affairs, and general counsel at Big Blue said that if a government wants access to data held by IBM on behalf of an enterprise client, he would expect that government to deal directl
  • Apple betrays its Snow Leopard users

    Snow Leopard was the last version of OS X able to run applications designed for the PowerPC processor, the Apple/IBM/Motorola-crafted CPU used by Apple before it switched to Intel in 2006.
  • IBM conducts secretive job cull

    IBM needs to make a few job cuts as part of its restructuring, the only problem, according to | ComputerWorld that it has taken cash from various US states to provide them with guaranteed jobs.
  • Researchers come up with new chip to chip communications

    The paper explains how to develop a modulator and a tuneable filter created using IBM's CMOS process that the paper's presenters believe could make inter-chip communications ten times more energy efficient.
  • Lenovo explains its server buy

    The Chinese maker of IBM cast-offs, Lenovo has been explaining why it thinks that Biggish Blue's server business could make it shedloads of cash.
  • Breakable computers could be the next big thing

    PARC and IBM are joining the Vanishing Programmable Resources (VAPR) programme of the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
  • Google might have wasted its cash on a quantum computer

    A report from a team of physicists from IBM's T J Watson Research Laboratory in Yorktown Heights, NY, and the University of California Berkeley, say that D-Wave's machine may not be quantum at all.
  • Lenovo shareholders don't like its "buy everything" plan

    The news followed another deal where Lenovo bought IBM's low-end server business for $2.3 billion.
  • Nadella set to replace Ballmer

    However there are some questions here. With Steve and perhaps Bill gone, Microsoft is starting to look more like IBM every day. Some investors had been hoping for someone who might be more likely to shake up the company and reward shareholders with greater dividends and share buybacks.
  • Google gives up on Motorola

    Lenovo will keep Motorola's distinct brand identity as it did when they acquired ThinkPad from IBM in 2005.
  • Apple's sultan of spin gets his knickers in a twist

    Schiller started to tell the Tame Apple Press that Jobs' Mob was the only PC maker from the early days who still made PCs. After all IBM had sold its PC business to Lenovo and Microsoft had not bothered for a while.
  • Google needs British Intelligence

    Facebook recently hired NYU Professor Yann LeCunn to lead its new artificial intelligence lab, IBM’s Watson supercomputer is now working on deep learning, and Yahoo recently acquired photo analysis startup LookFlow to lead its new deep learning group.
  • Lenovo gets the rest of IBM's X86 hardware

    As we expected Lenovo has managed to buy IBM's low-end server business for $2.3 billion.
  • Big Blue trips over China

    Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty and her team will abandon their annual incentive payments for 2013 because IBM failed to increase revenue. China was particularly embarrassing as the government-owned corporations that IBM relies on for a large chunk of revenue stopped buying.
  • Lenovo bids for IBM’s server business

    Chinese hardware maker Lenovo, which famously bought most of IBM’s hardware business, is now after the server arm, which it did not get in the first sweep.
  • Intel, Microsoft have terrible annuses

    2013 in reviewSay you are a diplodicus with a huge body and a tiny brain.  Does death take longer because of your bulk?  I can think of only one IT company that managed to successfully re-engineer itself, and that is IBM under the stewardship of the Nabisco man.

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