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  • Things look brighter for Micron

    Prices for DRAM chips made by Micron, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have bounced back from a deep memory chip price slump in 2012.
  • Rambus and Micron settle at last

    It has been a good year for Rambus. It also settled with Hynix earlier this year as part of a $240 million patent licensing agreement. Rambus has also made licence agreements with Nvidia and Broadcom over the years.
  • China gives memory makers new life

    However, according to Reuters, manufacturers including Toshiba and SK Hynix are taking advantage of soaring demand for cut-price tablets and smartphones in China. They are also getting cash from new players such as Huawei.
  • Rambus settles patent dispute with SK Hynix

    Memory outfit turned patent troll Rambus has penned a $240 million patent licensing agreement with SK Hynix.
  • Industry gears up for RAM shortage

    As an indication how bad things are getting, Samsung is looking at sourcing some of its chips from Hynix for the first time.
  • Samsung mulls Hynix DRAM

    It looks like Hynix will recover from Apple's falling iPhone sales by selling its DRAM to Cupertino's arch enemy, Samsung.
  • NAND flash market hits record high

    Samsung and Toshiba lead the pack with a 37 and 31 percent market share respectively. Micron is in a distant second, with 14 percent of the market, followed by SK Hynix and Intel, at 11 and seven percent respectively. All the other players accounted for just three percent.
  • Korean chipmakers dominate DRAM market

    DRAM sales have recovered thanks to strong demand for smartphones, growing 21.4 percent sequentially in the last quarter of 2012. Samsung and SK Hynix saw their quarterly revenue shoot up by 26.9 and 36.5 percent respectively.
  • Samsung posts record profit

    FinancialWhat is worrying for Samsung is that the third-quarter profit at Samsung's chip division, which competes against Toshiba and Hynix, dropped 28 percent as prices of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips sagged.
  • Rambus is in hot water

    A US Judge has ruled that the company destroyed records that could have been evidence in its patent dispute with South Korea's Hynix Semiconductor.
  • Samsung and Hynix find takers for eMCP in China

    Samsung and Hynix have been successfully pushing sales of their eMCP memory products to China.
  • Apple cuts memory orders with Samsung

    Apple is instead using Toshiba, Elpida Memory and SK Hynix to supply DRAM and NAND chips.
  • Rambus loses patent suit against LSI and STMicroelectronics

    Rambus isn't one to shy away from the courts, however as of late judges have put a stop on its success. Back in November it lost a costly  $3.95 billion jury trial over its allegations that Micron and Hynix Semiconductor conspired to revent its memory chips from becoming an industry standard.
  • Chip development makes Moore's Law 'irrelevant' says HP

    HP also expects to have commercially available memristor based flash by the end of the year, though it could cannibalise its development partner Hynix’s own flash products.
  • Micron buys Elpida for $750 million

    The move takes their share of the DRAM market above Hynix's 23 percent but still well below Samsung's 42.2 percent market share.
  • UCL makes ultra-fast ReRAM chip breakthrough

    One of the researchers, Tony Kenyon, told TechEye that firms have been working on releasing metal oxide based devices - citing Hynix as an example - but the silicon versions will take up to three years to become available.
  • Samsung slumps as Apple props up Elpida

    Hynix shares also dropped by nine percent. Samsung is the world's biggest DRAM maker and its shares fell.
  • Micron to buy Elpida

    It outbid Hynix, which dropped out of the race on Friday.

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