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  • ZTE sees boom in 4G phones

    The company is lagging behind Huawei and Lenovo Group Ltd, which are respectively the number three and five in the world by smartphone shipments.
  • US put the backdoors in Huawei gear

    When the US was complaining that the Chinese firm Huawei had security backdoors, it knew this fact because it had put them there.
  • Samsung releases Smartwatch and fitness band

    Samsung set a trend less than six months ago for wearable devices that link to mobile handsets with its Galaxy Gear watch, which has seen rivals like Sony and Huawei follow in its wake.
  • Apple losing in China

    CommentHowever in China, not only are buyers more sensible, they also have a lot less money to waste. The iPhone was selling for $740 which is about a tenth of the average urban income of $7,600.
  • Huawei doing rather nicely, thank you very much

    Huawei has made a 40 percent rise in annual operating profit despite being blacklisted in the US over pot calling kettle black claims of cyber spying
  • Huawei products do have backdoors

    Der Spiegel hack and hacker Jacob Applebaum has found proof that products made by the Chinese outfit Huawei do have backdoors to allow access to spying.
  • Begun the Android wars have

    ASUS, HTC, Huawei, LG, Pantech, Samsung, and ZTE have all been targeted with threats.
  • Huawei expects a 4G killing

    Huawei, which has had a few run-ins with the US government of late, expects revenue from its 4G mobile network business to double to $4 billion in 2014.
  • Cisco, Microsoft and IBM get kicking behind the bamboo curtain

    Jim Lewis, a senior fellow with the Center for Strategic Studies in Washington, who is an expert on China and technology said that Cisco will bear the brunt of any concerns about spying.
  • Ireland beats the Europack at inward investment

    IEF 2013Newer companies here in Ireland include Huawei, Trip Advisor and Twitter.
  • Apple investors panic over costly iPhones

    The consensus was that Apple missed an opportunity to introduce a low-end smartphone to drive sales in Asia, where Samsung and China's Huawei have a wide lead over Apple.
  • Chinese firms win huge 4G contracts

    Western comms makers were snubbed as China Mobile picked Huawei and ZTE to upgrade its systems to 4G.
  • China to conduct security audits on US tech companies

    Xenophobic US senators are aching to ban Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE because they think their gear could be used to spy on US citizens. Now, China is auditing American goods for the same reasons.
  • Huawei paranoia blocks company from key markets

    Apparently the Chinese telecoms company Huawei is now developing tools for the Chinese government to commit cyber-espionage in Africa, according to an article.
  • Huawei cast as bogeyman in web of intrigue

    CommentHuawei's in the headlines again - as scrutiny is placed on the Chinese company by the Intelligence and Security Committee - with the usual accusations of links with the Chinese state and secret surveillance dredged up yet again.
  • NSA helped build Android source code

    Snowden revealed that the US agency hacked millions of Chinese SMS messages and is working closely with American technology firms. It might be the reason that so many local Chinese firms like Baidu, Huawei, and Alibaba are rushing to develop their own operating systems or at least an independent var
  • British intelligence claims foreign states ramping cyber attacks

    Earlier this month, Olympic officials expressed their concern about cyber attacks affecting the games. Likewise, in the USA, much bluster has been said about the potential damage cyber attacks could cause and a new red scare has emerged over contracts with China's Huawei, with senators alleging it i
  • China gives memory makers new life

    However, according to Reuters, manufacturers including Toshiba and SK Hynix are taking advantage of soaring demand for cut-price tablets and smartphones in China. They are also getting cash from new players such as Huawei.

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