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  • Google tries to change distracted driving laws

    Google is leaning on politicans in at least three US states to stop proposed restrictions on driving with Google Glass.
  • Google shoots in the dark

    Search engine Google might have been working its Google Maps people a little late into the night, but someone should really tell them that after sundown their work really is pointless.
  • Samsung releases Smartwatch and fitness band

    At a relatively low-key launch event in Barcelona, Samsung also unveiled the Gear 2 smartwatch, which runs on the Tizen operating system rather than Google's Android software, and a stripped-down version called Gear 2 Neo, which doesn't have a camera.
  • Mozilla to trash smartphone market

    At Mobile World Congress 2014, Mozilla, maker of Google-financed browsers, announced that its mobile OS version known now as FireFox OS will be the foundation for several new low-cost phones that are designed for consumption in markets with low smartphone penetration, writes our correspondent, Tom H
  • Microsoft cuts Windows 8.1 costs

    It would appear that the move is to check the ever marching cheap and cheerful Google Chromebooks.
  • Daft Italians create illegal Google tax

    CommentItaly's Parliament today passed a new measure on web advertising, the so-called "Google tax," which will require Italian companies to buy their internet ads from locally registered companies, instead of from units based in havens such as Ireland, Luxembourg and Bermuda.
  • Google warns glass users not to be creeps

    Search engine Google has warned its Glass users not to be so creepy – a major feat for those wandering around with cameras strapped to their skulls.
  • Chrome updates serving up adverts

    According to Ars Technicait is not exactly Google's fault but vendors are exploiting Google's extension system to create a subpar browser.
  • Lenovo explains its server buy

    Lenovo is paying $2.3 billion for IBM's x86 server unit, which includes System x, BladeCenter, Flex System blade servers and switches, NeXtScale, iDataPlex and associated software, blade networking and maintenance operations.
  • China claims Red Flag sinks due to miss-management (sic)

    The Chinese government has launched several of its own operating systems, including Ubuntu Kylin which has been downloaded over 1 million times since its launch last year, as well as a the China Operating System (COS), a mobile platform developed to compete against Google Android and Apple iOS.
  • Germans and French negotiate a US free web

    Merkel was not amused that Google and Facebook based their operations in countries with low levels of data protection while being active in countries such as Germany with high data protection.
  • Google buys Israeli security startup

    Google might be considering improvements to its two-factor authentication.
  • Republican caught twittering invented history

    A quick Google on the quote shows that Melvin is not the only person on the right who thinks that Boetcker's quote came from a Republican hero.
  • Hyperlinking does not break copyright laws

    The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that publishing a hyperlink does not breach creator's copyrights under Eurolaw.
  • MediaTek looks to US mobile market

    Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek has decided that it wants into the US market and get away from its image of making low-cost processors for entry-level Android phones.
  • Intel loses another crown

    But now, according to Bloomberg the new Borg on the block is Google and Intel is just a Kazon.
  • Vole claims Bing did not censor anyone

    Bing omitted several websites that showed up on the search engine of rival Google when they searched for "Dalai Lama" in Chinese from Singapore. The English-language search results on both engines were similar.
  • DARPA searches for Search

    The Memex programme will address the need to move beyond a largely manual process of searching for exact text in a central index. If it manages it, it will fix problems that Google and Microsoft have finding data in the deep web such as temporary pages, pages behind forms, an impoverished index, whi

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