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  • Microsoft, Intel, Google throw weight about again

    CommentWhile big players in the computing market such as Intel, Microsoft and Google love to talk about their “ecosystem” – that is to say the myriad of companies that make computers possible, the truth, as usual is more banal.
  • US rewards tech giants for hiding money

    This means that Apple, Microsoft, Google and Cisco Systems hold a large proportion of the $254.9 billion held in their foreign subsidiaries in US Treasuries.
  • Replicants find back door to Android

    Developers working on the Replicant OS which is a free and open-source spin of Google's Android have found a backdoor into the device's file-system.
  • Google set to kill off Nexus 7

    Word on the superinformation strasse is that Google may be discontinuing the Nexus 7 tablet line this year, in favour of a new 8-inch Nexus 8 tablet.
  • Google, not Microsoft, drags feet on Intel's hybrid computer

    The "open sauce" outfit Google apparently has problems with machines that can run its operating system next to Microsoft Windows.
  • Google faces antitrust case in India

    Search engine Google is facing a penalty of up to about $5 billion dollars if it is found to have violated antitrust laws in India.
  • Getty Images frees up pic database

    A massive treasure trove of pictures from Getty Images is being opened up to people worldwide as long as the application is non-commercial.
  • Android is the Malware king

    Android is paying the price of its popularity with more than 97 percent of all malware being tailored for the Google operating system.
  • Apple appoints Roman moneyman

    Rivals Google and Facebook shell out tens of billions of dollars snapping up cutting-edge tech companies like Nest and WhatsApp which guarantees their future. Apple has so far not done much at all lately.
  • Android is lord of the tablets

    Figures from Gartner say that while tablet sales grew 68 percent in 2013 it appears that Android is the big winner.
  • Italy retreats from Google tax

    The move was supposed to make sure that Google and Apple who make a fortune in Italy did not get to send all their dosh to off-shore bank accounts in Ireland.
  • Google doodles are sexist

    An activist movement for girls and young women claims that Google Doodles are part of the US's war on women.
  • Microsoft rumoured to break Windows price

    The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth rumour which suggests that Microsoft is going to drop the price of its Windows OS to go for the cheap and cheerful part of the mobile market.
  • Google ordered to kill anti-Islamic video

    An interesting censorship case is taking place across the pond where Google has been asked to remove from its YouTube video-sharing website an anti-Islamic film that had sparked protests across the Muslim world.
  • Apple patches dire bug

    The bug let attackers with access to a mobile user's network, such as a shared unsecured wireless service offered by a cafe, to see or alter exchanges between the user and protected sites such as Google Gmail or Facebook.
  • Google tries to change distracted driving laws

    Google is leaning on politicans in at least three US states to stop proposed restrictions on driving with Google Glass.
  • Google shoots in the dark

    Search engine Google might have been working its Google Maps people a little late into the night, but someone should really tell them that after sundown their work really is pointless.
  • Samsung releases Smartwatch and fitness band

    At a relatively low-key launch event in Barcelona, Samsung also unveiled the Gear 2 smartwatch, which runs on the Tizen operating system rather than Google's Android software, and a stripped-down version called Gear 2 Neo, which doesn't have a camera.

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