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  • Chrome moves to 64 bit beta

    Google has released a beta version of a 64-bit version of Chrome which looks stable enough to give its 32 bit version a good kicking.
  • Microsoft leans on US government over NSA

    So far eight technology companies including Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Yahoo asked for a reform of government surveillance laws and practices worldwide. Together they are sitting on shedloads of lobby dollars which help to put congressmen's kids through college.
  • YouTube online again in Turkey

    YouTube is online in Turkey again and may be allowed to show whistleblowing videos which embarrass the government.
  • Apple installs Bing

    It looks like the long running feud between Apple and Microsoft is over as both sides have a common enemy in Google.
  • Google Glass is ancient technology

    While the US press goes on about how clever Google is for inventing its Glass project it appears to be forgetting that the British came up with the idea more than a decade ago but could not be bothered with it.
  • Microsoft's open sauce war ends

    Last month, the company finally made official its unofficial decision to incorporate some open-source code into its developer and programming languages.
  • Google wants to stop white male dominance

    Google has decided to do something about the fact that most of its 50,000 employees are white men.
  • Google will try to comply with EU rules

    Search engine outfit Google has agreed to attempt to comply with European "right to be forgotten" rules and will forget all about Europe.
  • Apple clock details leaked

    If the leak is true, then Apple really is out of ideas and it explains why the Fruity cargo cult was so keen to strike a patent deal with Google.
  • Chipzilla pushes into China with Rockchip deal

    Under the deal, Rockchip will to make chips for inexpensive tablets running Google Android platform for Intel.
  • Brin: I am too weird for Google+

    Google co-founder Sergey Brin said that it was probably a silly move for him to have worked on the social notworking arm Google
  • Google does evil to independent music business

    The search engine Google has been accused of doing evil to independent music labels by forcing them to sign up for its streaming music subscription service.
  • Twitter surrenders to the Turks

    It appears that Twitter has crumbled before the Turkish government and will censor any allegation of corruption which appears on the site.
  • Google wants Divide to conquer

    Search engine outfit Google is about to write a cheque for a start-up it financed which aims to put Android software into enterprise environments.
  • Lenovo grows like topsy

    While many are seeing the end of smartphones, Lenovo is expanding into the area to offset a decline in its PCs to the extent that it agreed in January to buy the Motorola Mobility smartphone unit of Google for $2.9 billion.
  • Apple punished users for switching to Android

    The suit, seeking class-action status, was filed in federal court in San Jose, California. In it Moore claims that Apple's iMessage retains text messages sent from other users of Apple devices and won't deliver them to her Samsung phone running on Google Android operating system, Adrienne Moore said
  • US airforce to seal HAARP

    For those who do not type in the word "conspiracy" into Google often, HAARP is seen by people who like wearing tin-foil hats as a superweapon capable of mind control or weather control, with enough juice to trigger hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.
  • Microsoft ready to re-Surface

    But Microsoft is expected to unveil the third generation of its Surface devices and show off a smaller tablet, to address the fast-selling lower end of the market dominated by Apple's iPad mini, Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus and Samsung's Galaxy range.

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