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  • AMD is split in two

    Restructurings are fairly dull but this one reduces focus on what is left of AMD's foundry operations. After selling its foundry operations to GlobalFoundries in 2009, AMD hired a team to fix the manufacturing problems.
  • AMD will develop a 20nm process

    Su has confirmed that the company plans to move its product line to process technologies that take advantage of FinFET transistors, but Su did not reveal whether the company plans to move to 14nm XM hybrid FinFET process technology ot 16nm FinFET.
  • GlobalFoundries to buy IBM Semi

    The Wall Street Journal has found that contract chipmaker GlobalFoundries (GloFo) is the leading candidate to buy IBM's semiconductor operations.
  • AMD's Carrizo will be 28nm

    This suggests that AMD is waiting to move to 20nm until that node is more mature, at least for big-core CPUs. Instead it is using GF28A, s GlobalFoundries (GloFo) standard bulk silicon node.
  • Abu Dhabi invests $10 billion in New York

    ATIC supremo Ibrahim Ajami has told Reuters he is investing $10 billion in GlobalFoundries' upstate New York semiconductor factory.
  • Intel lays claim to the internet of fangs

    Last week Intel was accused of fabricating data about its gate sizes, while Moore's Law was called into question. To be fair, Samsung, GlobalFoundries (GloFo) and TSMC were also accused of fabricating data too.
  • Neelie Kroes talks up European tech initiative

    IEF 2013Neelie Kroes, European commissioner for digital agenda, made a cameo appearance here at IEF 2013, in the initiative dubbed the Airbus of Chips.
  • Intel breaks ground on 450mm Fab

    The cost and fears of another disaster mean that rivals like IBM, Samsung, and GlobalFoundries have begun to talk about a 450mm transition, while Intel is full steam ahead.
  • Qualcomm might ditch TSMC, embrace GloFo

    GlobalFoundries has apparently stepped up development of 20nm and 14nm nodes and it is gearing up to take on TSMC. With Qualcomm on its side, GloFo could become a force to be reckoned with.
  • Rockchip taps Glofo’s 28nm HKMG process

    Peddler of cheap SoCs, Rockchip, is building its next generation chips at Globalfoundries (GloFo)
  • ARM will make chips

    RumourAt ARM's press conference on Monday we were struck by how the company was talking about itself. Almost like a manufacturer.
  • America faces high tech workforce shortage

    New York state faces a shortfall of thousands of skilled techies to sustain the growth of its tech sector and GlobalFoundries (GloFo) is starting to sound the alarm.
  • AMD share price stumbles 14.4 percent

    Niles also pointed out that AMD has switched to TSMC for much of its production, which means Intel doesn’t have much of an edge in manufacturing. GlobalFoundries (GloFo)  is still in the game and AMD is sitting on six years worth of high-volume, low-margin console deals.
  • GloFo plans $4.4 billion spending spree

    GlobalFoundries is planning to expand production and increase its spending this year.
  • GlobalFoundries stacks up the chips

    Chip foundry GlobalFoundries (GloFo) said it has demonstrated technology at its New York State fab that allow chips to be stacked one, on another.
  • Taiwan chip makers respond to Samsung threat

    Competition in the foundry business is fiercer than ever before, with semiconductor giant Intel reportedly touting for business too. Other players in the field include Abu Dhabi firm GlobalFoundries (GloFo), UMC, IBM Microelectronics, and Chinese foundry SMIC.
  • ASML teams up with Globalfoundries

    Dutch semiconductor equipment maker ASML said that one of its subsidiaries will collaborate with Globalfoundries in an effort to accelerate the development of future nodes.
  • AMD outlines its cunning plan for profitability

    AnalysisAMD had a rubbish 2012 and things were not exactly going well for it before that. Earlier this week the firm's quarter showed a loss of $473 million, including charges related to restructuring and the reduction of buying obligations from contract chipmaker GlobalFoundries.

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