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  • Amazon Fire tablet sells for below cost

    This is based on the "razor-blade" model in which Procter & Gamble uses to sell Gillette handles and hit you for the costs of the razors later.
  • Razor blades remind me of Intel and AMD

    CommentI am in Marrakech because I booked early for a chip conference that then got cancelled. I hate checking in a bag just for the sake of toiletries, so wandering through the souk yesterday I bought a throwaway razor and of course it is a Gillette razor. Why of course?
  • First confirmed sighting of iPad 2 in the wild

    So far all that is known about what the much hyped iPad 2 will feature is the addition of the widely discussed front-facing camera, which seems about as much of a revolutionary ‘game-changer’ as when Gillette added a fourth blade to its flagship razor.
  • Star Trek headset computer gets airing

    Kopin, a Taunton-based company that specialises in ultra-small LCD displays and nanotechnology was showing off Golden-I  at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.
  • A tale of tech execs, mustaches and social networks

    Some still believe that computer languages developed by bearded programmers have higher success rates, but for the most part, it would appear tech execs have shifted to using monopolistic Gillette.
  • Product placement on Brit TV is now A-OK, Ferrari

    I am personally outraged. While watching telly on my Sony TV or using Channel 4OD I don’t want my programs to be peppered with blatant plugs for Lynx, Gillette razors or Bertolli’s sandwich spread (which goes very, very well with Hovis bread, and Bernard Matthew’s turkey-ham)

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