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  • Intel pushing new all-in-one PC concept

    RumourUnder the bonnet, Intel is pushing thin Mini-ITX motherboards and some vendors such as ASRock, Gigabyte and ECS already have some designs ready to go. Using an off the shelf form factor should speed up development and cut costs.
  • Gigabyte plots mother of motherboards

    Gigabyte has released a new motherboard which it is calling the "ultimate" beastie for Intel Core i-series Haswell microprocessors.
  • Samsung debuts UHS-1 for MicroSD

    The cards will begin shipping in 16 Gigabyte capacities with “20 nanometer-class” 64 Gb density Toggle DDR 2 modules and a Samsung microcontroller for the UHS-1 interface.
  • Micron's ReaSSD plays it safe, too safe

    Hardware RoundupHardware Canucks has a Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5 motherboard for Sandy Bridge-E processors. It’s reasonably priced, says HC, at $300 and it does a decent job at overclocking. In fact, the motherboard is all ‘decent enough’, without a particular outstanding feature.
  • Hybrid drives are best of both worlds

    Hardware RoundupLegit Reviews has a very high-end specced Gigabyte GA-X79-UD7 motherboard. For $370 you’d expect nothing short of gold plating and platinum wiring, and according to Legit, it’s worth it. Unfortunately it is a limited run that is very hard to find. Read all about it.
  • Rapid roundup of the day

    Hardware RoundupNow we have a few more interesting articles… Chile Hardware is showing off a Sandy Bridge E 3960X CPU running on a Gigabyte X79-UD5 motherboard. This is one of those liquid-cooled out of the box setups that is ready to obliterate anything CHW throws at it… it’s a preview of the lab’s new test base.
  • Intel culls 25 desktop CPUs

    Gigabyte has said early motherboard samples will be on show at both CES and CeBit.
  • Gigabyte declares X79 clock speed record

    Gigabyte has announced some record speeds on Intel’s i7 3930K processor, becoming the first to reach a multiplier of 57x.
  • Gigabyte fixes BIOS on Intel X79 boards

    Gigabyte has released a change on the BIOS of its Intel X79 motherboards after it appears some users had problems overclocking them.
  • Intel Thunderbolt to become more widely available

    Sony has indicated that it will use Thunderbolt technology into its product lines with players and Asustek wants it for its high-end notebook products.
  • IT industry plagued with crocodiles

    Meanwhile Gigabyte has told us that it does not manufacture motherboards in Thailand, so the floods won't affect its manufacturing ability at all.
  • X79 motherboards badly hit by Thai floods

    Intel X79 boards are in short supply. Companies like Asus and MSI have roughly five percent of their production base in Thailand, but Gigabyte, for example, isn't too badly affected, as you can read here. (Updated from original story)
  • Creative releases a quad core sound processor

    Word on the street is that Gigabyte will put the processor in its future products.
  • Foxconn denies it's buying ECS

    Next, someone will be suggesting that Asustek wants to buy Gigabyte. Oh, someone has already suggested that.
  • AMD's FX Zambezi benchmarked

    The magazine ran a number of benchmarks using Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 mainboard, 2GB of DDR3 memory. The reviewers were a bit spooked by this because 4GB was installed, only two seen by the system.
  • Gigabyte releases AM3+ entry level motherboards

    Gigabyte has announced three new entry level motherboards, all of which will be compatible with the forthcoming AMD FX processors.
  • Fatal1ty cerebrates Asrock’s success

    Computex 2011We somehow found ourselves at The Tavern after close of play at Computex last night but found it was closed because Asrock was having a private party, just like Gigabyte had had a private party there three nights before.
  • Lenovo tipped to buy MSI

    Computex 2011Computex, old hands confirm, is always buzzing with rumours that MSI is finally ready for a white wedding. In recent years, the suave and charming Gigabyte offered to take MSI out for drinks. MSI may have accepted a couple of times but was playing typically hard-to-get.

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