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  • Black hole found in the internet

    Analysts at Renesys, a network monitoring firm, said that over several months earlier this year someone diverted the traffic using the same vulnerability in the so-called Border Gateway Protocol, or BGP.
  • Intel hopes for a netbook zombie apocalypse

    CommentChromebooks are an interesting development, too. Although they lack the x86 legacy appeal of cheap Bay Trail gear, they appear to be selling quite well.
  • Apple security software reveals Windows passwords

    Dell and Acer, other PC makers that preinstall the software include Amoi, Asus, Clevo, Compal, Dell, Gateway, IBM/Lenovo, Itronix, MPC, MSI, NEC, Sager, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba are vulnerable to attack from the Apple software.
  • Cisco brings giant roaming network to wi-fi

    Its Small Cell Gateway will help the industry on its way. Cisco will sell the technology to network carriers to integrate 2G, 3G and 4G LTE licensed networks with unlicsensed wi-fi and femtocell networks. Cisco hopes this will lead to a seamless end user experience across different networks.
  • Gateway leaks Interlagos and Valencia chip specs

    AMD's hardware chum Gateway has accidentally told the world and its dog the clock-speeds for AMD's new Opteron chips, code-named Interlagos and Valencia.
  • Nokia-Synchronica buy delivers mixed messages

    The figures which have been quoted in this article are based on 2011's first quarter (historically Synchronica's weakest quarter, the revenue profile is skewed towards the last quarter of each financial year)
  • Nokia sells messaging business

    A possibility is that Synchronica will take the technology and push it through its own Mobile Gateway, already a popular service particularly in emerging markets.
  • Motherboard preview, SSD, Gateway ultraportable and an e-book hybrid

    Hard 'upThe ultraportable market has not received much attention lately due to the tablet frenzy of the last year, but HotHardware reports that Gateway has announced its EC19C-A52C/S 11.6-inch ultraportable with a 1.33GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 320GB of hard drive space.
  • Microsoft plans first critical Office 2010 patch

    Two of the three patches applies to Office, while the third will affect Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010, which is the Imperium's virtual private networking platform.
  • Patch turns Transmeta Crusoe into a full i686

    Those of you with a Transmeta tablet, lappy, or internet appliance like this scribbler´s lovely Gateway/AOL GCTPcan grab a binary package of this Crusoe i686 kernel over here . And those of you who prefer source code can grab the patch over there.
  • Apple, Sony, Dell, others sued over pixellation

    LawPositive Technologies Inc alleges that Sony, Apple, HP, Acer, Gateway, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Viewsonic and Kobo infringe three patents it owns.
  • AMD intros Opteron 4000 series for the cloud

    Dell, Gateway-Acer, Tyan, MSI, Gigabyte and Supermicro will produce products in the next month or two. The Lisbon four and six cores that are in the 400 series, and codenamed San Marino and Adelaide, will be displaced by Valencia six and eight core systems next year.
  • Gateway introduces ZX4300 and ZX6900 Series

    Gateway has introduced two new lines of touch-screen all-in-one desktop computers, the ZX4300 Series and ZX6900 Series.
  • Gateway launches entertainment laptops

    Gateway has launched a range of all singing all dancing entertainment laptops.
  • Here's some hot software from Irish start-ups

    Letter from IrelandDublin's NewBay is a leader in digital lifestyle solutions for mobile operators. Newbay was named Best Technology at the Global Mobile Awards, at Mobile World Congress 2009 for its Social Networking solution.
  • Gellyfish (sic) sues Intel, Dell, HP, Sony...

    Gellyfish wants a jury to award costs and damages for breaching the patent. Gellyfish Technologies has sued a number of companies previously over these patents including Acer and Gateway.

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