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  • Where are the Windows tablets?

    This could mean that many of Microsoft's tablet sales are hidden from the Intel results. That is not saying that Microsoft does not have problems in pushing its Windows tablets. Last year Gartner estimated that about 4 million Windows tablets shipped worldwide.
  • Android is lord of the tablets

    Figures from Gartner say that while tablet sales grew 68 percent in 2013 it appears that Android is the big winner.
  • Intel abandons chip factory plans

    Intel has had a tough few years. Last year global PC shipments fell 10 percent, the worst year since market research firm Gartner began tracking the tin boxes.
  • Gartner sees smartphones smarter than users by 2017

    Smartphones are getting smarter with each new generation, so research firm Gartner has gone out on a limb with a new forecast straight out of a dystopian sci-fi movie.
  • Intel attempts to bluff it out as sales fall

    Krzanich told analysts that its “Broadwell” family is failing on process technology, fulfilling earlier predictions. Intel insists that Gartner and IDC are wrong, but vendors of X86 chips - including Dell, HP, Acer and others -  have suffered a deep chill for many quarters.
  • PC sales continue to slump

    The third quarter was always a boom period for PC manufacturers but it looks as though the mould is broken as Gartner released details of shipments during the period.
  • Gartner predicts the apocalypse

    It seems that analysts at Gartner have been channelling the dead spirit of the founder of the Luddite movement, General Ned Ludd, and started seeing technology as bringing about the end of the world.
  • Blackberry guts its staff

    Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi said that all the signs pointed to Blackberry trying to make itself more attractive to a buyer.
  • Microsoft restructuring is a Ballmer power grab

    David Smith, an analyst with Gartner, pointed out to | Reuters that the restructuring left no heir apparent or any succession strategy.
  • Thorsten Heins declares tablets bad for biz

    Current views are that the PC will be replaced by mobile phones and tablets. A recent forecast from Gartner expects the tablet market to more than double by 2017. That's a growth from 116.1 million units shipped last year, to 197.2 million this year, and 468 million units projected to ship in 2017.
  • PC will be saved by power saving Haswell says Intel

    Rattner said that modern tablet computing served to disrupt PC sales, resulting in reports from Gartner and GfK sounding the death knell for PCs and celebrating the triumph of mobile devices.
  • SAP stumbles in Asia

    FinancialGartner predicts that the cloud services market forecast should grow 18.5 percent this year to $131 billion worldwide but it requires software outfits to adapt fast and there are signs that SAP isn't.
  • Windows 8 destroyed PC sales

    It is also the lowest level since the middle of 2009, according to competing beancounters at Gartner, which published its own figures showing an 11 percent decline.
  • Microsoft lacks mobile Plan B

    Gartner thinks that Microsoft sold fewer than 900,000 Surface tablets in the fourth quarter, which is a fraction of the 23 million iPads sold by Apple.
  • Broadcom squares up to Qualcomm in LTE

    According to data from Gartner posted late 2012, other than Qualcomm, Broadcom was the only top ten semiconductor vendor to post positive growth for the year - rising from 10th to the 9th position on the back of an 8.8 pecent spurt.
  • Samsung overtakes Apple as top chip customer

    Samsung managed to surpass Apple as the top semiconductor customer in 2012. According to Gartner, Samsung and Apple dominated the market in 2012, but Samsung enjoyed a bit more growth and overtook Cupertino.
  • Semiconductor revenues decline in 2012

    Worldwide semiconductor revenue has declined from this time last year, according to preliminary results from Gartner.
  • Gartner spews jargon soup

    Gartner is drooling word soup after a clear overdose on jargon, in a new report that we can't make much sense of.

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