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Founded Jan 1953
Headquarters Austin, TX, USA

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  • 20 Freescale employees in missing plane

    It looks like 20 of the passengers travelling on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 worked for the chipmaker Freescale.
  • Freescale picks up eRRAM IP from Rambus

    Long term court rivals Rambus and Freescale appear to be getting close after announcing that Freescale will get access to Rambus' patents for memory controllers and serial links.
  • Quad-core ARM PC to hit the shops

    The chip is pretty slow. In fact it is about half the speed of what is popular amongst x86 users. It is built around a Freescale i.MX6 single / dual / quad core Cortex-A9 MPCore. As you might expect that can only managed 1.2GHz on a good day.
  • Freescale cooks up tiny ARM chip for you to eat

    Freescale Semiconductor claims to have created the world's smallest ARM-powered chip which has been designed to be swallowed.
  • Freescale boss predicts more doom

    Freescale Semiconductor boss chief executive Gregg Lowe sees more trials and tribulations for the chip industry and admits that any cunning plans he has to save his company will not pay off until 2015.
  • Renesas gets government bailout

    Renesas, which has been a big name in providing chips for cars, was formed from the struggling chip divisions of its major shareholding companies Hitachi, Mitsubishi and NEC. Needless to say, piling all that amount of hurt under one roof did make people wonder.
  • Rambus loses patent suit against LSI and STMicroelectronics

    The battle began back in December 2010 when Rambus went on a suing spree - filing patent infringement suits left, right and centre. In its firing line were Freescale, Broadcom, MediaTek and Nvidia, which were forced to settle and sign licence agreement deals.
  • Freescale looks to former Texas Instruments man to replace CEO

    Freescale has appointed former Texas Instruments man Gregg Lowe as the firm’s new CEO, with Lowe responsible for steadying the ship after the firm's initial public offering last year.
  • Freescale and AMD draw their blades

    Intel is going to face some serious competition next year when Freescale and ARM start to take it on in its home turf.
  • Indian government gets interest from chipmakers

    The government's Department of Electronics and IT (DEITy) said that feelers had been sent to TSMC, Intel and Freescale.
  • Low emission standards to open the door for MEMS auto market

    Although companies which design and manufacture MEMS are trying their best to introduce devices and features which they hope will save lives, Freescale's global automotive strategy manager, Marc Osajda, added weight to the claims that safety is driving in-vehicle MEMS.
  • ARM touts Internet of Things-ready Cortex M0+

    Early licencees include Freescale and NXP. In a statement, senior VP of Freescales automotive, industrial and multi-market group, Reza Kazerounian, said ARM's processor will make the company's Kinetis MCU "one of the industry's most scalable portfolios based on the ARM Cortex architecture." Thanks t
  • Freescale sticks a mobile base station on a chip

    Freescaleis showing off technology which stuffs an entire cellular base station onto a single chip.
  • Rivals pick at AMD's bones

    Read has been doing his best to bring new people into the fold. There has been processor designer Mark Papermaster, a veteran of IBM, Apple, and Cisco. Lisa Su, who had run Freescale's networking and multimedia processor businesses. Su is now general manager of AMD's global business units.
  • Shaky semi industry propped up by wireless boom

    Some firms, such as Texas Instruments and Freescale, are already targeting the market, while companies like PicoChip and Broadcom are also readying scaled up versions of system on chip devices from femto bases.
  • Freescale turns troll

    Freescale Semiconductor has turned into a troll and beaten a path to the US International Trade Commission claiming that MediaTek, Top Victory Electronics and AmTran Technology have nicked its ideas.
  • Freescale embarks on patent rampage

    Freescale is furious at Taiwan's MediaTek, among others, and is filing patent infringement complaints with the US ITC.
  • Supremes reject challenge to Tessera win

    In 2009 the ITC decided that the Tessera patents were valid, and it told Qualcomm, Spansion, STMicroelectronics, Freescale Semiconductor and ATI to stop bringing them into the US.

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