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  • Google set to kill off Nexus 7

    However it is odd that when Chipzilla made announcements about who was going to be using the new chip it failed to mention Google. Instead it talked about "multiyear agreements with Lenovo, Asus, Dell and Foxconn," to "to expand the availability of tablets and smartphones with Intel Atom processors
  • Blackberry still King of Nigeria

    But much of it depends how much Blackberry can do to hold down its prices. BlackBerry sales in Africa have dropped about 50 percent from 18 months ago and that was due to price. Blackberry has had to deals with Foxconn and take a margin cut to make sure that the situation does not get worse.
  • Pentagon saves Blackberry

    BlackBerry has to make 80,000 devices in time, to order, and has just signed a deal to outsource manufacturing to Foxconn.
  • Apple sends in doctors to Shanghai plant

    Apple insists that its products are not made in sweatshops, particularly after a rash of employee suicides at supplier Foxconn in 2010. Last year, it commissioned the Fair Labor Association to investigate suppliers' factories.
  • Android creator now building real robots

    China's Foxconn, which produces many consumer electronics devices including Apple products, began replacing workers who had a nasty habit of throwing themselves off buildings rather than make another rounded rectangle.
  • Playstation ganboys claim conspiracy

    Like most conspiracy theories, it looks good until you think about it. You also have to answer the question "who benefits?" Since the answer there is "Microsoft" the fanboy conspiracy nuts are effectively saying that Vole sabotaged Foxconn's assembly lines on the new PS4.
  • Amazon shacks up with HTC

    In 2011, Citigroup said that Amazon would launch a smartphone in 2012 through a partnership with Foxconn. This never came about presumably, as Amazon could not see much of a connection with the other parts of its business.
  • HP monoblocks deal has rivals scratching their nadgers

    Rivals are baffled at what the maker of expensive printer ink, HP is doing setting up a deal to make its monoblocks in Foxconn's St. Petersburg factory.
  • Foxconn considers solar panel move

    Foxconn, the popular company that has to put nets under its taller buildings to stop workers from jumping, has decided that its contract with Apple might not be worth as much in the long term.
  • Apple supplier works pregnant women 11 hours a day

    Executive director at CLW, Li Qiang, said in a statement that conditions at Pegatron are "even worse than those at Foxconn factories
  • Apple applies for iWatch trademark

    Foxconn demonstrated a prototype smart watch at a shareholder bash last week. The company said the watch can be used to check phone calls and Facebook posts.
  • Hon Hai to undergo massive transformation

    Hon Hai Group, more commonly known as Foxconn, is about to undergo a pretty big reshuffle.
  • Foxconn bets the farm on Firefox

    It seems that electronics manufacturer Foxconn is putting shedloads of effort in getting Mozilla's Firefox OS up and running.
  • Pegatron might pick up Apple business

    The long love affair between Apple and Foxconn might be over, according to the celebrity columns of the Wall Street Journal.
  • Mozilla and Foxconn working on Firefox tablet

    RumourMozilla and Foxconn are apparently gearing up to introduce a new device based on Firefox OS and early suggestions are that it will be a tablet.
  • More Foxconn suicides reported

    Just as it seemed the Foxconn suicide saga was winding down, reports have emerged that three more workers have killed themselves over the past three weeks.
  • ZTE pays Microsoft protection money

    According to Reuters, Microsoft is receiving cash from Samsung. LG and HTC. It has yet to strike a deal with Huawei but last week managed to get Hon Hai, the parent of Foxconn, to sign up.
  • Apple returns millions of faulty iPhones to Foxconn

    Foxconn could be about to spend a quarter of a billion dollars replacing millions of faulty iPhones, dumped back on its heels by Apple.

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