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  • Germans and French negotiate a US free web

    Merkel was not amused that Google and Facebook based their operations in countries with low levels of data protection while being active in countries such as Germany with high data protection.
  • Hyperlinking does not break copyright laws

    The decision, which concurs with the opinions of a panel of scholars, appears to be good news for anyone who wants to embed a YouTube video in their blog or Facebook page, but bad news for certain collecting societies who feel that embedding should result in the payment of a licensing fee.
  • Turks bring in Orwellian censorship

    Erdogan is frantically trying to keep control of Turkey after a deeply damaging corruption probe entangling some of his closest allies. The last thing he wants is people talking about what he is doing on Facebook.
  • Anonymous hacks the FBI

    Anonymous Slovenia posted the Pastebin link on its Facebook Page, along with the comment "Laughing at your security." We guess that the only thing the Americans could come back at is that the Slovenians serve donkey in their pizza restaurants.
  • Your AI will live on after you

    These days we generate so much more information, unfiltered GChat, GMail, and Facebook archives are almost too much to make sense. And so enter the idea of an AI based avatar to communicate with it.
  • AMD preps eight-core ARM sample

    Feldman believes that ARM cores could account for a quarter of the datacenter market by 2019, with a great deal of custom work being done between a major server owner like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft, and the vendors that supply those servers.
  • Yahoo's results are a real Yahboo sucks

    Mayer has been aggressively to trying to improve the company with product makeovers, acquisitions and big media hires. But the ad sales business continues to struggle at a time when rivals such as Google, Facebook and Twitter are posting strong revenue growth.
  • Angry Birds grass you up to James Bond

    The agencies have traded methods for collecting location data from a user of Google Maps and for gathering address books, friend lists, phone logs and geographic data embedded in photos when a user posts to the mobile versions of Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter and other services, the Times said
  • Google needs British Intelligence

    According to,  Google has been scrapping with Facebook in an attempt to take control of the outfit.  Google’s win means that it can compete against other major tech companies as they all try to gain business advantages by focusing on deep learning.
  • Facebook plague doomed to die out

    Social notworking site Facebook has similarities with an infectious disease and is likely to die off in exactly the same way.
  • World+dog rushes to buy privacy tools

    Of those that use VPN or proxies, 60 percent say they do so to access Google's YouTube video site, and 55 percent said they use it to access Facebook and Twitter.
  • Golden Dawn orders blogger locked up for blasphemy

    According to the Greek newspapers, a 27 year old wrote a Facebook page about a respected Orthodox Christian monk Elder Paisios, who lived in Mount Athos.
  • Syrian Electronic Army hacks Skype

    Similar messages were posted on Skype's official Facebook pages and on a blog on its website before being taken down in late afternoon. The SEA later tweeted out copies of the message "for those who missed it
  • Facebook is losing its youth

    Social notworking site Facebook is losing the hearts and minds of the young, according to new figures.
  • Parents to blame for teens' online addiction

    Boyd described the fear of children being victims of pedophiles as completely irrational and that "stranger danger" panic is the best gift America ever gave to Facebook.
  • NSA security claims blown apart

    They found names for 27 percent of the numbers using just Google, Yelp, Facebook and Google Places.
  • Facebook will face court over IPO

    Social notworking site Facebook and dozens of banks must face a lawsuit accusing the social media company of misleading investors about its health before its $16 billion initial public offering.
  • IT multinationals put in political oar

    CommentAOL, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter and Apple all spend unknown sums wooing politicos to their own points of view.

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