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  • Android is the Malware king

    Security firm F-Secure, which today released its 40-page Threat Report for the second half of 2013 said that the situation has become bad.
  • Cyber war is now cleaner but far more dangerous

    Speaking during a debate at the DLD 2013 conference, with F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen, according to the International Business Times, he warned that humanity is nowhere near ready to deal with the dangers and is vulnerable. It is just a matter of time before there is a serious incident.
  • Microsoft's security software fails certification

    F-Secure Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security both had 16.5 points last time and in the current test they dropped to 15.5 and 15.0 respectively. Norton Internet Security also stands at 15.0, down from 15.5.
  • Malware writers go cross platform

    Security researchers working for F-Secure have found a web exploit that detects the operating system of the computer and drops a different trojan to match.
  • Oracle in hot water with Java makers

    Insecurity outfit F-Secure said that the current plans for Java are a security nightmare too.
  • Google Open Saucer wades into Android security FUD

    He didn't say who should be ashamed of themselves but Symantec, McAfee, F-Secure, and Kaspersky offer mobile anti-malware software he could have been referring to.
  • Anonymous hacktivists attack Finnish neo-Nazis

    According to the Daily Telegraph the attacks were dubbed irresponsible by Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer of the Finnish internet security firm F-Secure, because they exposed the details of so many people.
  • Morto worm attacks weak passwords

    Dubbed "Morto" by Microsoft and F-Secure, the worm was spotted after network administrators noticed systems generating large numbers of unexplained connections to the Internet.
  • Sony's Thai servers hacked

    Finnish insecurity company F-Secure has kicked the slightly apologetic Sony when it is down, unearthing a phishing scheme on a server over in Thailand. It is, however, small fry compared to the other events in recent months.
  • ZeuS trojan won't infect low-end systems

    A new version of the keylogging ZeuS trojan will not infect low-end computer systems, according to anti-virus software firm F-Secure.
  • Windows hack bypasses AV software

    Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at Finnish firm F-Secure, in an e-mail agreed that the flaw was serious. So we will not be making the gag about the two viruses go into a pub. No way.
  • Microsoft needs a PDF reader

    Sean Sullivan, a security advisor with Finnish antivirus vendor F-Secure said that such software would help protect users from the spike in attacks exploiting bugs in Adobe's Reader.
  • Mobile phone doom loometh and cometh

    MWC Barcelona 2010Raining on everyone's parade was Mikko Hyppoenen, chief research officer at F-Secure, which makes anti-virus software for mobile phones which clearly too few people buy.
  • Ministry of Defence workers leaking information on Twitter

    The information came to light when a London PR agency made a freedom of information request on behalf of security vendors, F-Secure.

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