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  • Lenovo explains its server buy

    Over the next year Lenovo is expected to place greater emphasis on its own server line as well as the acquired IBM products, its storage devices developed with EMC/Iomega, and Windows 7- and 8-based desktops and mobile computers.
  • RSA denies letting the NSA in

    RSA, which is owned by EMC, started using Dual EC DRBG by default in 2004, before the generator was standardised.
  • RSA warns of NSA encryption sabotage

    RSA, the security arm of storage company EMC, told customers that a toolkit for developers had a default random number generator using the weak formula.
  • EMC finds a flashy use for Intel's multi-cores in VNX

    AnalysisEMC, which is currently leading the mid-range data centre market, has released a product that will now take years for its rivals to match, it is claimed.
  • China to conduct security audits on US tech companies

    The ministry names IBM, Oracle and EMC. While the list lacks names like Microsoft and Apple, it seems that China is using revelations by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden as the pretext.
  • Ex Windows chief Sinofsky banned from helping rivals

    The | Guardian noticed in an SEC filing that Sinofsky, who left the company last November, is contractually unable to join top Microsoft rivals including Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Oracle, EMC or VMWare before 2014.
  • Nvidia’s CEO approached by Intel headhunters

    Pat Gelsinger, chief technology officer at EMC, has signalled that he’s not interested in the job.  Internal candidates include Dadi Perlmutter.
  • IBM and EMC fight over Softlayer

    IBM and EMC are both trying to buy privately held database web hosting company SoftLayer Technologies.
  • Gelsinger rules out top Intel gig

    Gelsinger is a 30-year Intel veteran who escaped and joined EMC in 2009. He was a deputy at EMC before he took the VMware CEO job.
  • Intel releases its own version of Hadoop

    Wired points out it is another example of tech giants drinking open sauce. Oracle offers hardware to run Hadoop, and earlier in the week, EMC unveiled a tool that runs atop the platform.
  • Microsoft terrified of Oracle versus HP ruling

    According to Ars Technica, Microsoft filed a brief supporting Oracle together with NetApp and EMC.
  • Kicking Pat Gelsinger dismisses ARM on EMC

    According to Slashdot, Gelsinger told the Hot Chips conference in Cupertino that it was not really worth it and would require a total rethink of EMC's servers.
  • IBM buys TMS

    The buy out means that Fusion-IO, which is a maker of flash-based plug-in boards for server computers, could also face a buy-out. There are also implications for the storage systems vendors such as as EMC.
  • Qualcomm pulls in top ex-Intel executive

    Intel has lost several executives over the last few years to competitors, including Patrick "Kicking Pat" Gelsinger, who now works as chief tech officer for EMC.
  • Motorola buys Psion

    Motorola Solutions will combine Psion within Motorola Solutions' Enterprise Mobile Computing (EMC) business after the acquisition will close in the fourth quarter of 2012.
  • A Rockstar troll ate my patents

    Last summer, Jobs' Mob, Vole, EMC, RIM, Ericsson and Sony all teamed up to buy Nortel's patents for $4.5 billion.
  • Facebook falls on its defacebook, again

    Meanwhile, TechWeekEurope has revealed that EMC is benefiting from Facebook, big time. And our sister publication, | ChannelBiz, is reporting a big "pig out" courtest of Pat "Kicking" Gelsinger, of Intel, of old.
  • Atos reports jump in profits after strong 2011

    Breton said that, following the integration of SIS, Atos will “continue to focus on innovation”.  The company recently announced the start of a cloud venture, Canopy, with its partners EMC and VMware.

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