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  • Things look brighter for Micron

    Micron's quarterly results include bankrupt Japanese DRAM maker Elpida Memory, which the US chipmaker bought in July 2013.
  • Rambus and Micron settle at last

    After seven years Micron will have the option to extend the agreement for additional renewal periods under initial terms. In addition, this cross patent license agreement deems all outstanding patent and antitrust claims null and void, including those with Elpida, which Micron acquired earlier this
  • China gives memory makers new life

    Micron is trying to buy the bankrupt Japanese chip maker Elpida Memory before the end of August, and plans to increase investment in 2014.
  • Industry gears up for RAM shortage

    Some Taiwanese makers quit the business and Elpida was forced to seek protection from creditors before Micron agreed to buy it last year.
  • Micron reports net loss for Q2 2013

    In a statement, the company put down the losses to a range of factors including losing $120 million from changes in the market value of the company's currency hedges.
  • 3D IC market to see stable growth through 2016

    According to Infiniti Research, the biggest 3D IC vendors at the moment are Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), Samsung., STMicroelectronics and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC). IBM, Elpida, Intel and Micron are also working on products based on 3D ICs.
  • Korean chipmakers dominate DRAM market

    Elpida ranked third with 11.3 percent growth, thanks to large shipments from Apple. Due to Qualcomm's decision to use Package on Package memory, Elpida is likely to play a significant role in the high end smartphone market. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 600 is out and the 800 is coming in a few months.
  • Renesas might be saved by Toyota and Japan

    The Japanese government has moved to try and prop up technology companies in the past including chucking tons of cash at the impossible to save Elpida.
  • Elpida accused of dodgy deals with US assets

    Elpida's US bondholders have told a court that the bankrupt Japanese chipmaker had carried out "unauthorised" dealings involving its US assets.
  • Apple cuts memory orders with Samsung

    Apple is instead using Toshiba, Elpida Memory and SK Hynix to supply DRAM and NAND chips.
  • Dying Elpida caught up in shareholder inferno

    Shareholders are fighting to keep Micron from getting its paws on the failed chipmaker Elpida.
  • Fujitsu, NEC, Docomo, square up to Qualcomm

    Sections of the Japanese electronics industry have been having a hard time of it lately - the yen is too strong for many to remain competitive, and native chipmaker Renesas has just been saved by fellow countrymen at Mitsubishi.
  • Toshiba slashes chip production

    The company has said that it has been caught by oversupply and falling prices. This even though its other Japanese rival Elpida filed for bankruptcy and its other enemy Renesas is trying to avoid a similar problem by cutting its workforce and closing half of its domestic plants.
  • Renesas axes 12 percent of its staff

    According to Reuters the outfit reported huge losses in the last financial year. It is terrified of going the way of fellow Japanese chipmaker Elpida which filed for bankruptcy protection in February.
  • Micron buys Elpida for $750 million

    Micron has written a cheque for the Japanese chipmaker Elpida Memory for about $750 million in cash.
  • Renesas shares plummet

    Shares fell by 11 percent this morning following the announcements last week, which are thought to be a domino effect from the February bankruptcy filing of Elpida Memory. The company is also reportedly unable to keep up with competition from rivals such as Samsung.
  • Renesas ties up with TSMC

    However, it is facing competition from the likes of Samsung. The economic conditions had forced Elpida, Japan's last player in dynamic random-access memory chips, into bankruptcy protection earlier this year.
  • UCL makes ultra-fast ReRAM chip breakthrough

    The team is already in talks with major semiconductor companies with regards to the patented device. It is not surprising considering that ReRAM has already piqued the interest of the likes of Toshiba, Sharp and Elpida.

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