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  • Blu-ray is a Norwegian blue

    Paul Gray, director of TV Electronics & Europe TV Research at market research firm DisplaySearch, told Computer Worldthat people are now used to the instant availability of online media, and "the idea of buying a physical copy seems quaint if you're under 25
  • Samsung releases 110-inch TV

    NPD DisplaySearch thinks global sales of ultra HD TV sets will surge from 1.3 million this year to 23 million in 2017. More than half of the shipments will be taken by Chinese companies between 2013 and 2017, according to NPD.
  • HTC said to be working on Windows tablet

    NPD DisplaySearch seems convinced that HTC is planning to get back into the tablet game with a Windows tablet.
  • Steve Jobs made major tablet mistake

    NPD DisplaySearch recently released some estimates on tablet panel shipments in January, and the data shows a huge drop in larger sizes nine inches and above accompanied by an increase in smaller sizes at seven to 8.9 inches.
  • LG in a spin

    FinancialNow it seems that winter is coming to the television market this year and research firm DisplaySearch thinks that there will be flat global TV sales. In times of economic uncertainty in developed economies people don't buy new flat screens when they already own one.
  • iPad Mini in supply chain gamble

    According to DisplaySearch, Apple has changed up its supply chain for the Mini, continuing to work with LG Display, which will supply to Apple's Taiwanese manufacturing partner Foxconn, and adding a new supplier to its chain, AUO, which provides panels to Pegatron.
  • Windows 8 to drive touchscreen boom

    According to DisplaySearch, the market for touchscreen module revenues is set to hit $16 billion this year, before doubling to $31.9 billion in 2018. This is largely driven by smartphone, tablet and handheld console sales, such as the PS Vita.
  • Sony and Panasonic team up for OLED production

    CommentAs DisplaySearch analyst Paul Gray pointed out to TechEye, the problem isn’t as simple as making screens bigger by scaling up. The real trouble is in finding a suitable technology that will work at large sizes, and without costing the earth.
  • TV shipments faced steep quarterly decline

    TV shipments fell eight percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2012, which is the steepest rate of decline seen since Q2 2009.
  • Worldwide TV shipments see first drop in years

    In 2011 worldwide shipments for TVs fell for the first time since DisplaySearch began tracking them back in 2004, with successive years of growth coming to a halt.
  • Tablets and smartphones: Why PC vendors should panic

    AnalysisBut not all is bad news for TFT, if you’re willing to adapt. According to research firm NPD DisplaySearch, tablet PCs have accounted for a massive boost in TFT panel shipments.
  • Panel market to bounce back in 2013

    Industry watchers at NPD Displaysearch claim that, despite all the doom and gloom poised for the panel market - not helped by a predicted economic nosedive into a second recession - long term, there should be "light at the end of the tunnel
  • Smart TV hype suggests Android home invasion

    CommentA report from DisplaySearch also suggests that this could be a sign of things to come.  In many countries, replacing sets is largely pushed by consumer interest in web-connected TVs rather than 3D.
  • Intel Ultrabooks will not do well for some time

    NPD DisplaySearch thinks that it is unlikely that Ultrabooks will make a significant impact because they are too expensive.
  • Capacitive touch shipments to soar in 2012

    Analysts at DisplaySearch have noted that estimates for capacitive touchscreens will hit 566 million in 2011 as smartphones continue to proliferate across the electronics market.
  • LG rushes to become early WiDi adopter

    Paul Gray at DisplaySearch believes that despite the joint venture showing “some possibilities” but there are many problems in widespread adoption.  This is at least partly due to LG’s history of quickly picking and dropping projects.
  • Panel industry top dogs Chimei, AUO move closer to merger

    DisplaySearchpanel analyst Paul Gray told TechEye it's likely there is some back-room string pulling to make sure Chimei can operate in the cut-throat environment of the LCD industry.
  • 3D panel shipments remain healthy

    3D LCD panel shipments are still growing, according to the latest figures from NPD Displaysearch, managing 27 percent quarterly growth from the second quarter into the third quarter this year.

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