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Founded Jan 1984
Headquarters Round Rock , TX, USA

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  • Lenovo at centre of anti-IBM propaganda war

    While the memo does not name and shame the rivals spreading rumours, it is likely to be comments from the maker of expensive printer ink Meg Whitman, who has said on two occasions recently that she hopes to take advantage of uncertainty surrounding both Lenovo's acquisition of IBM's server business
  • Google set to kill off Nexus 7

    However it is odd that when Chipzilla made announcements about who was going to be using the new chip it failed to mention Google. Instead it talked about "multiyear agreements with Lenovo, Asus, Dell and Foxconn," to "to expand the availability of tablets and smartphones with Intel Atom processors
  • Mozilla investigates Dell over bogus charges

    Big Cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation are investigating the tin box shifter Michael Dell as to why he is charging customers £16.25 to install Firefox on a newly purchased computer.
  • China claims Red Flag sinks due to miss-management (sic)

    It did well and made deals with partners such as Oracle and Dell whose products were certified to support and shipped with Red Flag Software.
  • VLC slams cheap and nasty Dell speakers

    Tin box maker Dell has been accused of blaming the damage of its "poor quality speakers" on a popular open sauce media outfit.
  • Apple's sultan of spin gets his knickers in a twist

    Dell also still makes a few computers although it was founded four months after the first Mac was released. Sony produced computers in the 1980s, left the business in 1990, but reentered in 1996 with the VAIO.
  • Lenovo bids for IBM’s server business

    There had been talk at that Dell was also in the frame to buy the server business and it is not clear how much it wants to pay.
  • Huawei products do have backdoors

    It looks like the NSA can use zero-day exploits to spy on communications passing through the switches and routers of all the world's largest networking vendors, Dell Cisco, Juniper Networks and Huawei.
  • Broadwell-DE embedded into motherboards

    It will put Intel into the dense computer market alongside Dell and HP who are condensing servers to eke out more performance while cutting data-centre electric bills.
  • Microsoft to kill RT

    Volish loyalist Dell was the last besides Microsoft to leave the RT space, dropping its XPS 10 in September.
  • HP enterprise sales spark recovery hope

    In fact HP''s operating margins eroded and Non-GAAP operating margin slipped to 9 percent in the quarter from 10.4 percent a year earlier, reflecting aggressive competition from rivals such as Dell and Lenovo.
  • Lady Geek wants to turn ladies into proper geeks

    Women currently hold only 17 percent of tech jobs in the UK, although 30 percent of the best paid jobs for a woman are in tech.Luckily, big players have already identified the trend and companies like Dell, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony and Ubisoft are already working with Lady Geek to bring their products
  • Glorious Facebook alliance formed to give Cisco a poke

    Others that might be miffed at the way that this switch's is progressing are HP and Dell. This switch removes a lot of the software they insert into general-purpose products, making them cheaper and more efficient.
  • Microsoft astonishes Wall Street

    Sales of Windows software to PC makers, such as HP, Lenovo and Dell fell seven percent in the quarter.
  • Air pollution killing computers

    Intel is not the only one working on the problem. Dell reported that electronics in corrosive environments typically failed within two to four months.
  • Intel attempts to bluff it out as sales fall

    Krzanich told analysts that its “Broadwell” family is failing on process technology, fulfilling earlier predictions. Intel insists that Gartner and IDC are wrong, but vendors of X86 chips - including Dell, HP, Acer and others -  have suffered a deep chill for many quarters.
  • PC sales continue to slump

    Lenovo was the number one player in the market, followed by Hewlett Packard and Dell.
  • IBM to write billion dollar cheque for Linux development

    Biggish Blue hopes that by roping in more Linux developers it will remain competitive against companies such as HP and Dell’s x86 servers, which are widely used in cloud and analytics deployments.

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