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  • Human rights activist detained under UK terrorism laws

    Earlier this year, banks investigated UK telco BT over alleged links to drone warfare. At the time, Reprieve's CSR advocate Catherine Gilfedder said: "BT’s response to date has been to refuse to address how the US government uses the company’s systems.
  • ARM spearheads Internet of Things standard

    Along with CSR, Neul, and Cable & Wireless Worldwide, ARM signed the SIG Promoter Agreement which provides some details on how the group plans to back Weightless' mission for a new open standard, planned to be completed at the start of next year.
  • Samsung snaps up CSR's mobile biz

    Samsung has snapped up the mobile arm of British chip designer CSR in a deal worth $310 million.
  • Huawei hires ex US defence contractor

    Last year it released a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, which gave an overall review of its commitments and practices with regard to what it was expected to do.
  • IDC predicts more chip market consolidation this year

    He pointed out that a number of mergers and acquisitions came to fruition in 2011, most notably Qualcomm and Atheros, Texas Instruments and National Semiconductor, SMSC and Conexant, Broadcom and NetLogic, CSR and Zoran, and Microsemi and Zarlink.
  • Whitespace internet tests declared successful by tech consortium

    Others involved in the consortium includes: Adaptrum, Alcatel-Lucent, Arqiva, BBC, BSkyB, BT, Cambridge Consultants, CRFS, CSR plc., Digital TV Group (DTG), Microsoft, Neul, Nokia, Samsung, Spectrum Bridge, The Technology Partnership (TTP) and Virgin Media.
  • Bug your neighbours with some cheap drone technology

    CES 2012The Rotor Concept ( is altogether more alarming. It doesn’t have wi-fi yet but that’s going to come in three weeks. This pic below gives an idea of its capabilities. You have too many of these things flying at 2,000 feet above Oxford and goodness knows what happens.
  • Huawei talks up corporate responsibility

    The company has released a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, which gives an overall review of its commitments and practices with regard to what it's expected to do.
  • Ex-CSR guys create a new Bluetooth

    They've called it Weightless and it's a new radio technology which the founders hope could prove to be bigger than Bluetooth. Well, given the people at Neul are mostly ex-CSR guys, you'd kind of expect that.
  • Nokia sales warning hits suppliers

    And the announcement is bad news, too, for Nokia's suppliers. The company's one of the biggest customers for chipmaker CSR, for example, and is now one of the biggest losers on the FTSE exchange.
  • Intel generates more chemical waste

    The maker of chips, Intel, is spewing out 27 percent more toxic waste than last year, according to a CSR report.
  • Cambridge Wireless debates privacy for location based services

    Cambrdge Wireless will be working in conjunction with wireless technology company CSR and the Cultures of the Digital Economy (CoDE) Research Institute at Anglia Ruskin University to discuss a range of topics including whether location technology creates real threats to personal privacy; whether use
  • Cambridge's CSR buys Zoran

    AcquisitionCSR has signed on the dotted line to buy Zoran Corporation, a move that will allow the British chipmaker to add imaging and video to its wifi, bluetooth and location technology offerings.
  • CSR and WiLAN sign patent agreement

    Wireless technology licensing company WiLAN and chippy producers of low energy bluetooth and others CSR have given up the ghost, finally coming to an agreement that will stop all current litigation.
  • CSR invades world and watches with low energy Bluetooth chip

    MWC 2011Chip company CSR is readying low energy Bluetooth tech which is going to be, basically, everywhere. That's from hospitals and the gym right the way down to your pocket watch.
  • CSR announces CSR8600 wireless consumer audio platform

    Wireless chip firm CSR has announced the CSR8600 wireless consumer audio platform, which it claims will offer superior high-fidelity audio quality for integrated system-on-chip devices.
  • ARM flexes muscles with strong full-year earnings

    FinancialCSR signed the dotted line for Cortex-A9 and Cortex-A5, for in vehicle and navigation devices, while three other unnamed semiconductor companies signed agreements to get their hands on a range of ARM processors.
  • Cautious welcome from scientists to government spending review

    "Cuts to the teaching grant under the CSR are likely to wipe out any benefit to Oxford that might otherwise come from the recent Browne Review proposals," the spokesperson said.

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