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  • Turn off the NSA’s power campaign underway

    Cray, which builds supercomputers for the agency would not be allowed to supply them anymore.
  • It's back to the good old Crays

    The development of Big Data has been a money spinner for the much written off Cray Computer.
  • China lifts the lid on new supercomputer

    According to HPCwire, the Tianhe-1A was pretty fast. In its day it was number one and could drive its 14,336 Intel Xeon X5670 processors and 7,168 nVidia Tesla GPUs to a peak performance of 4.7 petaflops.
  • Titan bothered by Cray bling

    The roll out of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's "Titan" super computer is being delayed because the Cray motherboards have too much gold in them.
  • Cray releases new supercomputer

    Cray announced a XC30 supercomputer capable of high-performance computing (HPC) workloads of more than 100 petaflops which is pretty floppy considering it relies on Intel Xeon processors and Aries interconnect chipset technology.
  • Oak Ridge's supercomputer, Jaguar, turns Titanic

    Titan will be used for calculations relating to research in energy, climate change, efficient engines, materials, and more. Cray and ORNL are currently working toward final system acceptance, although the supercomputer will be open for select projects in the meantime.
  • Intel buys wireless patents from Aware

    Intel seems to be buying up patents like crazy over the last few days. It recently said it had bought out supercomputer maker Cray's interconnect department for £86 million. That move included not only IP but 74 Cray employees moving to Chipzilla.
  • Two Brain Willetts proclaims progress of Edinburgh supercomputers

    Bluegene, an IBM box, is the most energy efficient supercomputer ever, it’s claimed. Hector is a Cray system.
  • Cray cuts the cost of its midrange supercomputers

    Supercomputer outfit Crayhas announced that it is trying to make its mid-range efforts cheaper.
  • Work started on Blue Waters supercomputer

    Cray stepped in with a plan which they think is so clever it makes Stephen Hawking look about as clever as a Britwell speed hump by comparison. It is thought that it will be all installed by the end of the year.
  • Cray finishes off Gaea

    Cray has delivered the final 26 cabinets of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's climate research supercomputer, which is housed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • Huang claims GPUs will give him power

    He said that parallel computing is tricky. Nvidia is forming an Axis of Allies with Cray, The Portland Group and the Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms to create OpenACC, an effort to create a standard for parallel computing.
  • Cray wins Blue Waters supercomputer contract

    Supercomputer peddler Cray has won a huge contract with the University of Illinois' National Center [sic] for Supercomputing Applications. It'll be providing the beast of a machine for the National Science Foundation's Blue Waters project.
  • AMD's Interlagos and Valencia appear

    AMD says its Bulldozer architecture will be bulldozing into a number of channel and motherboard partners over the next few weeks. Among the customers are Acer, Cray, Dell, HP and IBM.
  • AMD Opteron and Nvidia Tesla to shatter supercomputer records

    Cray is planning to break all supercomputer speed records by using a cocktail of AMD Opteron processors and Tesla graphics processors from Nvidia.
  • Cray moves to GPU supercomputing

    Supercomputing slice of history, Cray, has finally boldly gone where other supercomputer makers have gone before and released details of its GPU equipped machine.
  • HP talks up Nvidia's Tesla

    Turkel, said that the Tsubame 2.0 supercomputer in Japan, which is the world's fourth-fastest supercomputer, is typical of what GPU computing can do.
  • US' Titan supercomputer will dwarf China's Tianhe-1A

    Cray Computer will take on the construction of the machine that will be used to calculate complex energy systems, capable of doing 20,000 trillion calculations per seconds, or 20 petaflops, a vast increase on the 2.5 petaflops managed by the Chinese computer.

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