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  • The news in reviews - another hardware roundup

    Hardware RoundupCoinciding with Marvell’s announcement of a new SSD controller, Xbit Labs has thrown together a review of several Marvell-based SSDs. Crucial, Corsair and Plextor fight it out against some SandForce units. It's quite interesting to see that Marvell’s server experience passes on down the food chain.
  • Mechanical HDDs make great storage

    Hardware RoundupLiquid cooling is now a very common cooling solution and Legit Reviews has one of them on the bench: Swiftech’s H20-220 Edge HD cooling kit. It isn’t DIY simple, because it requires some user setup, but the results are quite good.
  • Hybrid drives are best of both worlds

    Hardware RoundupCorsair is better known for PC cases, power supplies and memory. Keyboards… not so much. Guru 3D has a Corsair Vengeance K60 gaming keyboard in the house and seems to be pleased with the keyboard specs.
  • Here comes a TweakTown week in review

    Wrapping up the week, if you're looking for a decent new set of gaming headphones, our audiophile reviewer James tested Corsair's latest Vengeance 1500 Series headset and was overall very impressed with what it offered for the respective price point set.
  • Corsair manages DDR3 speed record

    Corsair Memory has managed to set a new DDR3 memory clock-speed world record. The outfit used its Dominator GTX6 memory modules tied to an AMD FX-8150 "Zambezi" microprocessor in a bid to reach 3467.8MHz
  • A TweakTown week in review: some top picks

    Moving up to the more populated mid tower market, we checked out Corsair's new Carbide Series 400R last week which also managed to thoroughly impress thanks to its aggressive price tag in line of the overall feature set and customizability on offer here.
  • TweakTown's week in review

    Saving our most explosive piece of coverage of the week 'till last, if it's super fast storage you want, you've got it right here; that is if you can tackle the associated costs involved in the venture.
  • A TweakTown Week in Review: Top Picks

    If you're sold on the Sniper2 and now setting your target on a suitable kit of RAM, we looked at one of Corsair's latest Dominator GT series dual channel memory kits earlier this week; an 8GB, 2133MHz kit which particularly stands out due to the lower required 1.5v spec versus other 2133MHz kits tha
  • Samsung smart remote, Transcend 2TB HDD, VisionTek keyboard

    Hard 'upThe Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 12GB RAM kit was reviewed by PureOC. It earned major brownie points for stability, speed, flexibility and most importantly its low price of under $200, ensuring it got a Great Value award. It's probably overkill for most users, however.
  • Sapphire motherboards, 128GB CF card, SSD RAID array

    Hard 'upTweakTown reviwed two Corsair Force Series F90 solid state drives in a RAID array. It was highly recommended that an SSD be used to replace an aging HDD or if someone wants to upgrade their system and two SSDs combined offered more than double performance in some instances.
  • Server chassis, Corsair CoolIT liquid cooler, Asus motherboard

    Hard 'upCorsair's partnership with CoolIT for a new lineup of liquid coolers was covered by Hardware Canucks when it got some hands-on time with Corsair. They will launch an initial liquid cooler called the H60, falling bang smack between Corsair and Asetek's H50 and H70, which will be gradually phased out.
  • Corsair sound system, laptop HDD, Motorola Atrix 4G webtop

    Hard 'upCorsair has been expanding its entry into the audio market with the Corsair SP2500 2.1 speaker system, which HardwareHeaven reviewed. It received a rating of 10 out of 10 on almost everything except value, which got 9 out of 10, ultimately securing a Gold Award.
  • Microsoft smart TV, ECS and Asus motherboards, Corsair RAM

    Hard 'upThe Corsair Vengeance Series PC3-12800 8GB RAM Kit was reviewed at TweakTown. It received a rating of 97 percent and, not surprisingly, an Editor's Choice Award. Performance and price, at $130, were hailed as the major appeals, while no real cons were found.
  • Green hard drive, enterprise SSD, gaming PC and low-voltage RAM

    Hard 'upCorsair has launched the Dominator GT memory kit, according to OverclockersClub. The memory features high 2,133MHz speeds and a low-voltage of only 1.5V. Two 2GB modules are included, totalling 4GB, while DHX+ heatsinks and a GT Airflow module are also included to improve cooling.
  • Leaked Radeon HD 6970 details, GPUs reviewed, Gigabyte Android phone

    Hard 'upThe Corsair A50 CPU cooler was reviewed at TweakNews, where it faired so well the reviewers couldn't find anything really bad to say about it. It received high fives for its good cooling, great value, quietness, ease of installation and design.
  • Nvidia sets GTX 470 date, mini motherboards, high-density DRAM

    Hard 'upOverclockers Online reviewed the Corsair Gaming Series GS800 Power Supply Unit. It was labelled a “solid contender”, gaining points for good performance and price, while losing out on the fact that it wasn't a modular PSU.
  • RAM kit, budget PSU, all-in-one PCs, and satellite phone rebirth

    Hard 'upIf you're looking for some good memory for a high-end system, check out the Corsair XMS3 Series PC3-16000 12GB Kit, which was reviewed at TweakTown. It received a 90 percent rating and Best Features Award for its ability to deliver 2,000MHz stock clock speed, losing that last 10 percent for limited
  • Corsair releases 2.625GHz RAM

    Memory maker Corsair has announced that it is flogging RAM chips which it claims can manage a record breaking 2.625GHz.

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