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  • Microsoft, Intel, Google throw weight about again

    CommentYou can consider a computer as a pie, with the different slices representing the different companies involved.  In this pie, Microsoft and Intel have huge slices while plucky little Taiwanese companies such as ODMs like Compal and manufacturers like Asustek have teeny weeny slices.
  • Tablets start to dominate Taiwanese ODM production

    Taiwanese original design manufacturer (ODM) Compal is one of three or four companies that put together notebooks and now tablets for  And according to Taiwanese wire Digitimes, Compal is responding positively to the changes in the device market.
  • Gloves come off at low end of the tablet market

    Acer's US$99 7-inch tablet will adopt chips from MediaTek and a touch panel from China-based suppliers, and will be manufactured by Compal Electronics, targeting mainly emerging markets.
  • Apple security software reveals Windows passwords

    Dell and Acer, other PC makers that preinstall the software include Amoi, Asus, Clevo, Compal, Dell, Gateway, IBM/Lenovo, Itronix, MPC, MSI, NEC, Sager, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba are vulnerable to attack from the Apple software.
  • Quanta builds half of all HP notebooks

    This will allow the company to stay ahead of its biggest rival Compal.
  • Microsoft's hold over Android grows

    Redmond told ZDnet that it is the latest in a long string of such agreements, and covers smartphones, e-readers and tablets. It has signed deals with Quanta, Wistron and Compal already.
  • Nokia tipped to release Windows on ARM tablet

    According to Digitimes' sources, Nokia is planning to release a Windows on ARM tablet running on a Qualcomm dual-core platform. It could be out as early as Q4, this year. The device is expected to ship with a 10 inch screen, but further than that details are sparce.
  • Nokia sacks 4,000 of its factory workers

    Lumia 700 and 800 series smartphones are currently sourced from Compal Communications, we are told. However, previous rumours that Nokia will keep Lumia 900 devices manufactured in-house seem to lose relevance, as the Finnish phone designer must lop off its factories as fast as it can to regain inve
  • Taiwanese firms see dismal results as Thai floods take effect

    Contract notebook manufacturers Quanta and Compal also announced that component shortages in Thailand would hurt shipments of devices in the fourth quarter.
  • Vendors slash ODM orders 10 percent

    A decent third quarter - where ODMs gained generally 20 percent growth over Q2 - is set for slowing in the fourth. Compal and Quanta have both reportedly lost momentum for orders in the channel.
  • HP Ultrabook rumoured in the works

    RumourThen Acer has brought in Wistron as the ODM for the 13.3 inch Aspire S3, they say, while Compal will work on the 15 inch model. Compal will also look after Lenovo's IdeaPad U300s, and Pegatron will be drafted in for Asustek's UX21 and UX31.
  • Samsung tipped to buy HP PC arm

    Digitimes has heard that Samsung executives have been wining and dining HP notebook contractors Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics and Pegatron Technology.
  • Hon Hai loses notebook orders to smaller ODMs

    Taiwanese notebook manufacturers Compal and Wistron have snatched big orders from giant Hon Hai because the ODM giant wants to make tablets and smartphones, not notebooks.
  • Toshiba sells Mexican LCD plant for peanuts

    Just as Hitachi, Toshiba and Sony merge to create a monster in LCD, Toshiba is selling off one of its Central American plants in Mexico - to a bidder and friend in Taiwan's Compal.
  • Flextronics ponders the future of notebooks

    If the reports are true, Taiwanese ODMs (original design manufacturers) such as Wistron and Compal will make hay while the sun shines. And, of course, then there is Hon Hai (Foxconn), which no doubt will also benefit from the move if Flextronics truly has had enough pain.
  • Component shortage leads to secret stockpiling

    While both component suppliers and device manufacturers are apparently claiming that they have not seen any shortages and won’t do so until the end of the month, a Digitimes source has said that Asustek, Acer, Motorola, Apple, HTC, Quanta and Compal have all started to make aggressive moves - to ens
  • Tablet cannibalisation devours Compal profits

    Compal Electronics has posted a massive 58.96 percentage decline in profits after being hit by the shift towards tablets at the expense of notebooks.
  • PC market is fine claims Compal

    Hardware maker Compal is insisting that things are fine in the PC market despite predictions of doom.

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