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  • Cisco accused of human rights abuses

    The EFF has asked a US court to allow Cisco to be sued for its role in contributing to human rights abuses against the Falun Gong religious minority in China.
  • Intel could be next target for pro-gay marriage campaigners

    According to Hot Air and using the LA Times's blacklist database, Nate Silver ran the numbers on donations from people who work at Fortune 500 Silicon Valley companies and discovered that a majority of every company's employees donated towards defeating the ban.
  • Cisco charges onto the cloud

    Networking giant Cisco has said that it wants to offer cloud computing services and is writing a billion dollar cheque over the next two years.
  • US rewards tech giants for hiding money

    This means that Apple, Microsoft, Google and Cisco Systems hold a large proportion of the $254.9 billion held in their foreign subsidiaries in US Treasuries.
  • Activist wants to stop Juniper being nice to staff

    It thinks that the share price could be worth up to $40, compared to $25.50 currently. However, no one will want to work at the company, and it will lose technology ground to Cisco, but hey, shareholders will get more money.
  • Huawei products do have backdoors

    It looks like the NSA can use zero-day exploits to spy on communications passing through the switches and routers of all the world's largest networking vendors, Dell Cisco, Juniper Networks and Huawei.
  • Begun the Android wars have

    Right now, the law favours Rockstar. In April, America’s patent appeals court ruled Cisco could not sue to protect its customers from patent infringements suits targeting customers that used its routers. This precedent would mean that Google is not allowed to protect its customers.
  • Huawei expects a 4G killing

    But it is starting to look as if the Chinese are unstoppable outside the US and EU where Cisco has paranoid governments on its side.
  • IT multinationals put in political oar

    CommentOmissions from the list of the multinationals are Cisco and Intel, but let’s not get our knickers in a twist about this. The companies that have signed to the letter claim there are five principles that should be the pillars of “good practice
  • HP enterprise sales spark recovery hope

    To be fair expectations were low, after HP had a miserable third-quarter performance, and after rivals such as IBM and Cisco had reported poor results.
  • Cisco, Microsoft and IBM get kicking behind the bamboo curtain

    It appears that Cisco Microsoft and IBM are paying the price for the US government's addiction to spying on the Internet.
  • Glorious Facebook alliance formed to give Cisco a poke

    It is starting to look like Facebook's Open Compute Project (OCP) is to be a glorious alliance including Intel, Broadcom, and others which aims to give Cisco a kick in the nadgers.
  • Techbubble fud is ready to burst

    CommentMicrosoft, IBM, HP, Cisco and Oracle need for the rest of the economy to pick up to see serious money arrive. That will not happen until businesses start buying PCs and servers again.
  • Google spends the most on lobbying

    Another group which has decided that it needs to grease a few palms is Apple whose lobbying efforts shot up 111 percent between the third quarter of 2012 and 2013. However it did not spend that much something like $970,000 this year.
  • Analysts wonder about Lenovo Blackberry bid

    Multiple sources close to the matter have told Reuters BlackBerry is in talks with Cisco, Google and SAP to flog all, or parts of itself.  But the names are unlikely to want all of the company and will want to buy bits that mesh well with or expand their own businesses.
  • General Electric has a cunning plan for t'internet

    Yesterday the outfit named networking giant Cisco and fashion bag maker Intel as new partners for the project.
  • Queue forms to squeeze Blackberry

    Cisco, Google and SAP have been seen snuffling around corporate HQ looking for bargains and measuring the curtains.
  • Oxford Uni holds Silicon Valley 2013 bash

    The speaker line up this year includes the following luminaries: Jack Shulman – Global Director of Research and Development, Sony Playstation; Keely Stevenson – CEO, Bamboo Finance; Stacey Chang – Associate Partner and Director, IDEO’s Health and Wellness Practice; Malay Ghandi – Chief Strategy Offi

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