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  • Apple will help people find their cars

    Last year, Google Maps for Android began introducing floor plans of shopping malls, airports, and other large commercial areas. Nokia, has an indoor positioning system, but using actual 3D models, rather than 2D floor plans. Two years ago Broadcom released a new chip (BCM4752)
  • Rambus and Micron settle at last

    It has been a good year for Rambus. It also settled with Hynix earlier this year as part of a $240 million patent licensing agreement. Rambus has also made licence agreements with Nvidia and Broadcom over the years.
  • Moore's Law fails to make cheap chips

    Broadcom Chairman and CTO Henry Samueli  has warned that Moore's Law is breaking down and is not making chips cheaper these days.
  • Glorious Facebook alliance formed to give Cisco a poke

    It is starting to look like Facebook's Open Compute Project (OCP) is to be a glorious alliance including Intel, Broadcom, and others which aims to give Cisco a kick in the nadgers.
  • Broadcom decimates staff

    Despite claims that the mobile revolution is where everything is at, Broadcom has just fired a thousand workers as it struggles with slow demand for its mobile phone chips.
  • Freescale picks up eRRAM IP from Rambus

    Rambus had filed a complaint with the ITC last year as part of a major offensive against the semiconductor sector, alleging that Freescale, Broadcom, LSI, MediaTek, Nvidia, STMicroelectronicswere infringing its memory controller patents.
  • Broadcom buys Renesas' 4G chip division

    Broadcom has announced it will buy the LTE chip segment of Japanese chip maker Renesas.
  • Intel in holding pattern for Ultrabooks

    He claimed that the company is more competitive with licensees of ARM microprocessor architecture, such as Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Nvidia.
  • Intel can buy the stairway to heaven

    Gwennap thinks that Nvidia, Broadcom, and Qualcomm can pass along the higher costs of more expensive transistors, while those selling into markets for cheaper devices may not be able to afford the most expensive process technology.
  • TSMC sales up 18.9 percent on year

    TSMC has the mobile craze to thank for its stellar results. It manufactures mobile chips designed by Qualcomm, Broadcom and Nvidia. If rumour mongers are to be believed, TSMC has also landed a massive contract from a certain fruity gadget maker based in Cupertino.
  • Broadcom squares up to Qualcomm in LTE

    Qualcomm is facing a fresh wave of competition in the LTE chip space, including from Broadcom, which has hinted that it expects to become a serious challenger in the market.
  • Semiconductor revenues decline in 2012

    The only other top 10 semiconductor vendor to record positive growth in 2012 was Broadcom, which rose from the 10th to the ninth position with growth of 8.8 percent.
  • Nvidia will stick ARM chips in Tesla

    ARM has been keen to trumpet AMD, Broadcom, Calxeda, HiSilicon, Samsung and STMicroelectronics's involvement.
  • Rambus loses patent suit against LSI and STMicroelectronics

    The battle began back in December 2010 when Rambus went on a suing spree - filing patent infringement suits left, right and centre. In its firing line were Freescale, Broadcom, MediaTek and Nvidia, which were forced to settle and sign licence agreement deals.
  • Hybrid processors fuel $111 billion market

    Apple, Broadcom, Marvell, MediaTek, NVidia, Qualcomm, Samsung, St Ericsson, Texas Instruments and many other processor vendors have offered heterogeneous application-specific processors with a microprocessor core integrating a GPU to add value within extremely confined parameters of space, power and
  • IDC predicts more chip market consolidation this year

    He pointed out that a number of mergers and acquisitions came to fruition in 2011, most notably Qualcomm and Atheros, Texas Instruments and National Semiconductor, SMSC and Conexant, Broadcom and NetLogic, CSR and Zoran, and Microsemi and Zarlink.
  • Intel elbows its way into baseband market

    He added that Broadcom's W-CDMA baseband share should improve because it is doing well in baseband-integrated smartphone processor market.
  • Lumia cost $209 to make

    In addition to a Qualcomm chipset, the Lumia 900 uses Samsung's $58 display, memory from Micron and Elpida, and smaller components from Broadcom and STMicroelectronics, the researcher said.

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