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  • IBM former CEO logs off

    We have just heard that John Opel, who ran Big Blue at the height of the outfit's mainframe days has died. He was 86.
  • Defacebook: de UI is a messy thing

    AnalysisIn the process of building up a large database of what people like and unlike, Facebook has also cheesed off the world+dog+Google. I've noticed some of my 722 friends – yeah I know that's an unlikely number of friends to have – like, variously Marmite, British Airways and David Austin Roses.
  • Super dynamic HP CEO takes outfit in an exciting new direction

    CommentAfter coming from an interesting business software outfit like SAP, you would not think that HP's CEO Leo Apotheker would be able to turn the maker of printer ink into anything as dynamic and exciting.
  • Bank wires going the way of the dodo

    FinancialBut fear not, there´s a solution for UK firms who need to send money world-wide as well. It comes from Travelex, and is dubbed “Cash Passport Payout Card”. It works like ATMCash does for Americans, but comes from a UK company.
  • BA flying near empty airplanes, union claims

    Sources working for BA told TechEye that despite claims from the company that it is operating 80 percent of flights during the strike of cabin crew, some flights are empty, or near to empty.
  • Visa buys Cybersource for $2 billion

    AcquisitionCybersource processes 25 percent of e-commerce dollars in the United State and caters for over 295,000 merchants.  Its clients include British Airways, Home Depot, Facebook, Google and many others.
  • Motorola, Nokia, to manufacture mobiles in Argentinean island

    At least three firms will be building many of its mobile phones in the city of Rio Grande, in the South Atlantic province of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina after new regulation to promote local manufacturing came into effect last year.
  • BA techie alleged to be a terrorist

    According to the Daily Telegraph, the Crown claims that Karim got a job at British Airways as part of his cunning plan.

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