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  • Micron's ReaSSD plays it safe, too safe

    Hardware RoundupOC Workbench has a go at Kingston’s HyperX 4x2GB DDR3-2400 CL11 DIMMs. These carry dual XMP profiles for that kick in the backside, but are programmed for JEDEC’s DDR3-1333 standard. Tested on an X79 motherboard (Biostar TPower X79) to take advantage of the quad-channel insanity
  • AMD partners leak more Llano pricing

    This model, along with Sempron 198X, Athlon II X2 221X and Athlon II X4 641X, was on the CPU support list for Biostar motherboards. It looks like the Athlon II 631, or 631X, will be sold in retail as a boxed CPU, and it will cost a lot less than quad-core APUs from A6-Series and A8-Series.
  • ITC backs Rambus with probe into 34 hardware companies

    LawThe companies in question are: Freescale Semiconductor, Broadcom, LSI, Mediatek, Nvidia, STMicroelectronics N.V, STMicroelecronics, Inc., Asustek, Asus, Audio Partnership, Biostar Microtech (U.S.A.
  • Biostar shows off Sandy Bridge support

    Motherboard maker Biostar has released a CPU support list for socket 1155 motherboards, which happens to mention the forthcoming Core i5 and Core i7 Sandy Bridge microprocessors.
  • Biostar announces range of AMD chipset based mobos

    Taiwanese mobo maker Biostar has let loose a flurry of AMD based motherboards, from the AMD 770 chipset through to the 760G and the 880G.
  • ITC backs Rambus against Nvidia

    People shipping the gear included Asustek, Asus, BFG , Biostar, Diablotek, EVGA, G.B.T, Giga-Byte , HP, MSI, Micro-Star, Palit Multimedia, Pine Technology and Sparkle.
  • Biostar reveals new high-powered motherboard

    Taiwan motherboard maker Biostar Microtech has announced the TA890FXE motherboard which sports a utility it calls BIO-unlocKING, which can quickly turn a quad-core CPU into a fully functionaly six-core.
  • Stories from Old Taipei

    Biostar gets Intel direct partner accreditation
  • Biostar gets Intel direct partner accreditation

    Ole Taipei 2010We visited Biostar this afternoon as part of our frantic race round Old Taipei, and the company had some interesting things to say.
  • Rambus patents to be reviewed

    The case also names outfits which have Nvidia controllers under the lid, including HP, Asustek and Biostar Microtech International Corp. Most of the Nvidia chips are made in Taiwan and then sold to other computer-parts makers.
  • Nvidia slapped for violating Rambus patents

    It could also result in a ban on imports from other Nvidia filled products including those made by Asus, BFG, Palit, Sparkle, MSI, Gigabyte, Biostar, EVGA, Pine Technology Holdings and International Diablotek. Dear oh dear, Nvidia.

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