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  • Apple knifes resellers to make a quick buck

    While this does not seem much, and will probably cost Apple a bomb, it is part of Jobs' Mobs moves to get more people to buy direct from its website. This will be taking online customers away from retailers such as and Best Buy.
  • Samsung claims it will struggle with Galaxy S4 demand

    Samsung took out an eight-page, full-colour insert in the Wall Street Journal heralding the arrival of the device and promised that by early summer, it will have set up Samsung "Experience" stores in about 1,400 Best Buy locations, designed to showcase its line-up of mobile and other electronic devi
  • Samsung to open mini stores in 1,400 Best Buys

    Samsung is planning to set up mini stores in Best Buys across the United States later this year. Samsung said it would open 1,400 stores by the end of June, and now that Apple has failed to trademark the word “mini,” we can actually call them “mini stores” without being dragged to court.
  • Windows RT prices plummet

    Asus' VivoTab RT has been seen on for $382 with 32GB of storage, which is a heavy discount from the $599 launch price. Best Buy, Staples and Office Depot have also dropped the price of the tablet by $50.
  • Microsoft's Surface Pro sells out in hours

    That the Surface Pro sold out doesn't appear to be an indication of strong demand. Business Insider is reporting that very few tablets were in stock. Some shoppers complain retail locations like Best Buy and Staples only had a few units in stock, while some had none at all.
  • Pincus, Zuckerberg and Mason world's worst CEOs

    The world's worst CEO was Brian Dunn of Best Buy, followed by Aubrey McClendon of Chesapeake Energy, Andrea Jung of Avon and Rodrigo Rato of Bankia. Steve Ballmer was not even in the running, but he does seem to have difficulty winning anything lately.
  • Microsoft opens Windows 8 for pre-orders

    Microsoft said that the software can be bought at Microsoft's own stores,, Best Buy, Staples and elsewhere. So far though there is no news about how much it will cost to upgrade the full software to install from scratch. Nor does Microsoft say where you can buy it from.
  • US drugs case dropped over storage

    Given that you can probably store the entire case on a portable hard drive, you might wonder what the DEA is complaining about. What is perhaps more alarming is that the coppers can only have 60TB of storage space.
  • Baidu contracts Foxconn for cheap smartphone

    RumourAnd Foxconn is of course no stranger to the handset market having produced the Android-powered Journey A890 budget handset for the Indonesian manufacturer Nexian as well as making gadgets for Apple, HP and Best Buy.
  • Kodak files for Chapter 11

    Kodak has $5.1 billion in assets and $6.75 billion in debts and owes money to Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and; Sony Studios, Warner Brothers, Disney Studios and Paramount Studios and Nokia.
  • Best Buy and its customers have an HDMI laugh

    No one can say that Best Buy has not got a sense of humour. In the run up to Christmas it posted an advert for a $1,095.99 HDMI cable.
  • Worldwide chip sales down three percent in November

    In the US, PC imports were at a record high on a seasonally adjusted basis in October, with Best Buy reporting strong sales on cheapo, no frills notebooks.
  • RIM tablet bombs

    It has discounted the tablets to $300 across the product line-up, and quickly sold out at retailers like Best Buy by last week's Black Friday.
  • Black Friday replaces Thanksgiving

    CommentI've been covering Black Friday for the last four years. In the past it's always started the same way, with a frenzied drive to every Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Toys 'R' Us in the Dallas area. But this year I was in Winchester, Virginia, and it made for a somewhat different experience.
  • PlayBook price slash spells more doom and gloom for RIM

    Retailers in the US like Best Buy and Wal-Mart are offering the tablet at a bargain bin cost of $200, compared to the rather steep original $500. What effect that will have on RIM's profits remains to be seen - it's not talking about the cuts, but analysts believe selling the device for $200 means o
  • Scales fall off entrepreneurs’ eyes

    Silicon Valley comes to OxfordKal Patel used to work for Best Buy and when Circuit City went out of business in 2008, his company got complacent. Zen? “When you’re very successful you have to replicate substance, not form
  • Best Buy and Edelman confuse with Kindle Fire claims

    Best Buy UK, we are told, “focuses on providing the latest and greatest products” and “that includes a large selection of e-readers and tablets for them to test and try
  • Wipro asset strips Infocrossing

    There are some things that Infocrossing has which Wipro still wants and that's mostly its lucrative healthcare business. Infocrossing has Nestle, BP, Capital One and Best Buy among its top customers.

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