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  • Chinese reveal Microsoft's control of Android

    There are some patents that Microsoft used against Barnes & Noble, including all 14 mentioned in this 2011 Network World article. Those patents include Nos.
  • Now your books are spying on you

    It is being seen as a way to exploit reading data. Amazon and Barnes & Noble already collect vast amounts of information from their e-readers but keep it in house. Now a new breed of start-ups, such as Entitle want to make cash by telling the world+dog.
  • Nook sinking Barnes and Noble

    Despite the fact that it has set up an ebook business based around its Nook reader, book seller Barnes & Noble is seeing the writing on the wall.
  • Barnes & Noble sticks Google Play on Nook tablet

    Barnes & Noble is trying to make its Nook tablet a bit more competitive by offering unrestricted access to Google’s Play Store.
  • Amazon tipped to buy a bit of Texas Instruments

    RumourThings have not gone well in that arena thanks to stiff competition from Qualcomm, and Samsung. If Amazon does buy TI's OMAP operations it could leave Barnes & Noble in a tricky situation because its Nooks use TIs’ processors.
  • Amazon expected to release a new tablet today

    That model now has a bit of a fight on its hands. Since the Fire was released Google started selling its 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet for $199 with better specifications, while Barnes & Noble cut the price of one of its Nook tablets to $179. Microsoft Surface tablet is tipped to be priced at $199.
  • E-books outpace paperbacks on Amazon UK

    Amazon's Kindle has faced competition from Barnes & Noble's Nook, the Kobo reader, and from elsewhere. The iPad could be considered competition, but it seems that Amazon's model for a lightweight, relatively cheap, e-ink device is keeping it way ahead of the digital reading market.
  • Amazon tipped to delay next gen Kindle

    RumourAccording to Digitimes, the device could be delayed until later on in the third quarter. The problem is the current generation Kindle doesn't ship with a front light, so users have to find an alternative light source when they're in dimly lit areas.
  • US sues Apple for alleged publishing cartel

    UpdatedThe DoJ had been trying to eliminate Apple's so-called "most favored nation" status, which had prevented the publishers from selling lower-priced e-books through rival retailers such as or Barnes & Noble.
  • Apple expected to modify its eBook cartel

    The negotiations are still fluid, which means that they are being sorted out in the local wine bar, but the idea is to kill off Apple's so-called "most favoured nation" status, which had prevented the publishers from selling lower-priced e-books through rival retailers such as or Barnes
  • Apple and publishing companies sued over ebook deals

    They were also worried that Barnes & Noble would be unable to compete with Amazon's steep discounting and go under. They did not want to become like the music industry which had huge problems when Apple became the dominant player by selling songs for 99 cents.
  • Kindle Fire attacks Apple's tablet stranglehold

    Barnes & Noble’s Nook also contributed to the impact on the iPad, with a rise from four percent of the market to seven percent in the fourth quarter.
  • iPad 3 sounds more like the iPad 2S

    RumourHowever, there is some talk that Apple might try to swat its rivals in the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire and the $249 Barnes & Noble Nook by offering the iPad 1 for about $200.
  • Microsoft continues to bleed Android dry

    Microsoft is also attempting to put the screws on Barnes & Noble and Google’s newly acquired Motorola Mobility, though both are holding out for the moment.
  • Greedy publishers conspire with Apple

    CommentThe new arrangement means guaranteed profits on best-selling titles for retailers like Barnes & Noble, which today claims about 27 percent of the digital books market, as well as Amazon. So tremendous profits for the publishers, and Jobs got a foot in the door, but not so hot for the consumer.
  • In the tablet market, LG Display is the winner

    Thanks to a range of high profile contracts, with Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble all customers, LG Display has shot to the top of the media tablet display charts. It is winning by far over nearest rival Samsung, holding 51 percent of global unit shipments in the second quarter of 2011.
  • Amazon's Kindle Fire catches on

    Goldman Sachs analysts said that Kindle products were "very sharply outselling" Nook devices from bookseller Barnes & Noble.
  • Kindle set to burst into flames

    Barnes & Noble is also making sure that it stays in the game because of the Nook Color, a touchscreen LCD e-reader that comes with an app store.

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