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  • HP forms Lynch mob

    The maker of expensive printer ink, HP, is whipping together a mob to go for the former owner of British software company Autonomy.
  • HP writes cheque to make shareholders go away

    Apotheker scrapped WebOS which was about the only thing useful that HP had obtained when it bought Palm in 2010. Apotheker paid $11.1 billion for British outfit Autonomy and talked about spinning off HP's personal computer business.
  • HP knew all about Autonomy losses

    A bombshell has dropped on HP's claims that it knew nothing about Autonomy's accounting practices when it bought the outfit.
  • HP comes out fighting against Autonomy

    The maker of expensive printer ink, HP has claimed that Autonomy, the software firm it bought in 2011, overstated profits at one of its main British units by 81 percent in the year before it was sold.
  • HP asks for more Autonomy time

    The maker of jolly expensive printer ink which is more expensive than gold, also known as HP, has begged a court for more time to work out what it should do about the Autonomy alleged fraud case.
  • HP wants to buy the Stairway to Heaven

    HP has been building itself up through a series of buys costing at least $1 billion over the past few years. It bought outsourcing firm EDS in 2008, 3Com in 2009, Palm, 3PAR and security software maker ArcSight in 2010; and big-data analytics firm Autonomy in 2011.
  • HP sued for a billion over Autonomy buy

    The maker of jolly expensive printer ink, HP, is facing a $1 billion lawsuit from shareholders over its Autonomy acquisition.
  • HP chairman Ray Lane quits

    He signed off on the disastrous move to buy the British management software company Autonomy, much of the value of which has now been written off.
  • UK police to investigate Autonomy

    The maker of expensive printer ink, HP, has told the | BBC that the UK's serious fraud office is investigating the antics of Autonomy.
  • HP director defends chairman from headhunters

    While the knives are out for HP chairman Ray Lane and two fellow board members over their handling of the Autonomy fiasco, it seems that they have found an ally.
  • HP promises to spend more on cloud research

    Kadifa said that $800 million of that figure is earmarked for Vertica and Autonomy, with the remainder going to joint projects between HP Software and the storage team in HP's Enterprise Group.
  • Things are getting better at HP

    The surprise results are coming at a cost. HP is laying off 29,000 employees over the next two years and has written off $10.8 billion, mostly related to the writedown of Autonomy.
  • HP wades into Dell's Dell buyout

    Meg Whitman has so far not been able to turn the company around. In fact, in November, she wrote down $8.8 billion of the value of Autonomy.
  • Meg Whitman took home $15.4 million in 2012

    In November  the company announced that it was taking an $8.8 billion writedown, including $5 billion on the value of Autonomy, which it bought for $10 billion in 2011.
  • HP waters down Autonomy allegations

    The former boss of Autonomy, Mike Lynch claims that HP has failed to provide a detailed calculation of the $8.8 billion write-down in the value of his old company.
  • Shareholder accuses HP of lying about Autonomy write-down

    An HP shareholder has accused it of lying about the reasons for the $8.8 billion write-down following its Autonomy buy in a lawsuit filed in a US court.
  • Apotheker: Don't blame Apotheker for Autonomy

    The most exciting CEO in Hewlett Packard'shistory, Leo Apotheker, has joined the very public blame game surrounding the multibillion dollar acquisition of British software outfit Autonomy, claiming the buck stopped with the firm's board members.
  • Autonomy founder Mike Lynch slams HP in new website

    Former Autonomy boss Mike Lynch has launched a website to help fight back in a very public battle with Hewlett Packard.

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