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  • Apple is searching for very big panels

    Sony is also reportedly in talks with LG over the panels, as well as with AU Optronics, which is expected to produce high-end Ultra HD TV panels by 2014.
  • LG Display to ship first flexible panel this year

    According to the Korea Times, LG is widening its lead over rivals such as Samsung. It shipped 218 million LCDs over 9.1 inches last year, while Samsung Display shipped 163 million units. Chimei Innolux and AU Optronics came in third and second.
  • AUO to debut 5-inch FHD OLED

    Taiwanese display company AU Optronics will debut its 5-inch FHD OLED panel at China Optoelectronics Display Expo 2013 (CODE 2013) in Shenzhen, which it claims is the world's highest resolution FHD OLED.
  • LG and Samsung found guilty of LCD price fixing

    This isn't the first time the companies have been found guilty of such crimes. In October 2011 fines totalling $175 million were dished out to Samsung, LG, AU Optronics and Chimei Innolux after the  Korean Fair Trade Commission found them guilty of colluded on minimum prices, pricing policies, timin
  • Korean FTC rakes in record fines

    Korea's Fair Trade Commission collected a record number of fines against companies accused of price fixing, in the first 11 months of 2011.
  • World's smallest 4k screen unveiled

    While Sony and LG have recently announced gigantic 84 inch 4k TVs, one manufacturer has revealed its plans for releasing a 9.6 inch 4k screen.
  • iPad Mini in supply chain gamble

    Apple may have announced its latest product to its adoring followers, but analysts are wary that consumers may be waiting longer than usual to get hold of the iPad Mini due to supply concerns.
  • AU Optronics fined for price fixing

    AU Optronics has been fined $500 million by a US judge for price fixing in the market for liquid crystal display panels.
  • LCD price fixing leads to $1 billion glass action

    Kinsella Media, LLC, which is dealing with a court-approved LCD flat panel litigation from seven flat panel manufacturers including AU Optronics, LG Display and Toshiba, has said that the fees the companies have been ordered to pay back compensate users who could have been forced to pay more for the
  • AU Optronics reports another loss

    Taiwan's AU Optronics which makes LCDs for the likes of HP, Dell and Sony posted a bigger-than-expected loss in the second quarter.
  • LCD panel makers pay out on price fixing

    Toshiba, LG and AU Optronics have agreed to pay a combined $571 million to make a lawsuit over price fixing in the liquid crystal display panel market go away.
  • AUO, CMI up wages as Chinese firms poach staff

    Big Taiwanese tech firms such as AUO, Chimei Innolux and Hon Hai are upping wages in order to slow the brain drain of staff being poached by Chinese companies.
  • Toshiba hit by price fixing cash

    AU Optronics was convicted in March on criminal charges related to the LCD price-fixing scheme. In that case prosecutors accused AUO executives of meeting more than 60 times with competitors at luxury hotels to fix prices of LCD panels.
  • AU Optronics suspends processing in Taiwan plants

    AU Optronics has stopped processing operations in its three plants in Taiwan after the region was hit by an earthquake.
  • HP Romania under investigation for market position abuse

    All is not well over at Hewlett-Packard's subsidiary in Romania. The company has become the subject of scrutinisation at the Romanian Competition Council, which is investigating it for possible abuse of its market position.
  • Samsung and its mobile mates hit with price fixing fines

    A cartel of mobile handset manufacturers and telecommunications companies have been slapped with a fine after being found guilty of price fixing and fraud.
  • AUO to contest price-fixing guilty verdict

    AU Optronics has vowed to challenge the Department of Justice’s verdict after the panel maker was found guilty of price fixing.
  • LCD makers cough up antitrust pay-out

    Other defendants have yet to settle, including AU Optronics, one of the largest LCD panel manufacturers, LG Display and Toshiba.

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