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  • Intel woos Chinese tablet makers

    Intel is trying to get into the cheap and cheerful Chinese market by convincing OEMs behind the bamboo curtain that its low-power Bay Trail processors are an ARM alternative.
  • Intel lucks out on Acer phone

    Acer will be launching a 4G handset in Taiwan in the next quarter, but it will not be touching Intel's offerings with a ten-foot barge pole.
  • Asustek bows to pressure on twin OS gear

    Intel and Asustek's plan to release mobile gear that can run both Windows and Android have hit a brick wall with both Google and Microsoft saying no.
  • Apple cans big tab – report

    Asustek has a 13.3-inch device on the cards, but as TechEye has noted elsewhere, it has run up against the cosh wielded by the behemoths.
  • Microsoft, Intel, Google throw weight about again

    CommentThat’s demonstrated by Asustek being bullied out of producing a useful tablet that could run both Windows and Android after the Mighty Vole and the all-seeing Google put the squeeze on the plucky little Taiwanese manufacturer.
  • Google set to kill off Nexus 7

    Word on the superinformation strasse is that Google may be discontinuing the Nexus 7 tablet line this year, in favour of a new 8-inch Nexus 8 tablet.
  • Google, not Microsoft, drags feet on Intel's hybrid computer

    The "open sauce" outfit Google apparently has problems with machines that can run its operating system next to Microsoft Windows.
  • Intel designs dual OS chips

    Fashion bag maker Intel has been slowly backing away from its old chum Microsoft allowing the forces of darkness to pick it off -- now it seems to have gone into actual back stabbing mode.
  • Chromebooks doing well

    The much-battered, assaulted and sprinkled with vinegar  Wintel Alliance seems unable to defeat the rise of Chrome.
  • Intel hopes for a netbook zombie apocalypse

    CommentFive years ago the market was abuzz with talk of cheap netbooks based on Intel’s Atom processors and AMD’s upcoming low-end APUs. Then Steve Jobs took to the stage with the first iPad in tow and the rest is history – netbooks died out faster than any PC form factor in recent history.
  • Intel announces Bay Trail tablet CPU: Part One

    Intel Developer Forum 2013Wednesday’s IDF Keynote started by asking the audience to stand for a moment of silence in remembrance of lives lost on 9-11 in 2001. From there, it was business as usual with product hype and promises of future success.
  • Intel's Haswell will kill off Windows RT

    CommentOne of the side effects of Intel starting to ship fourth generation Haswell chips for tablets is that it could kill off Windows RT.
  • Nvidia shows off uses of a Tegra 4 SoC

    Nvidia has been busy at Berlin's IFA Consumer Electronics Show trying to convince the world+dog that its Tegra 4 SoC should get a life away from its own Shield gaming handheld.
  • Low cost Android spurs 208 percent tablet growth in Middle East, Africa

    Apple's market share for the second quarter, 2013, was 24.44 percent - with Samsung not far behind at 22.48 percent. Next of the typical big brands were Lenovo, Asustek, and Acer, although other brannd tablets took a formidable 40.82 percent of the whole market.
  • HP stays in slow decline

    The troubled maker of expensive printer ink, HP has reported its results, which show that even after its restructuring it is still in a slow death spiral.
  • Global tablet sales slow

    IDC, which has repeatedly talked up the importance of Apple in mobile, made the somewhat strange claim that the reason the tablet market is suffering is because everyone is waiting for a new tablet from Cupertino.
  • Ex Windows chief Sinofsky banned from helping rivals

    After receiving a $10 million golden geddouttahere, ousted ex-Microsoft Windows chief Steve Sinofsky has been banned from working for rivals as part of the payoff, it has been revealed.
  • MediaTek pins hopes on top-tier tablet targets

    Taipei-based Digitimes first heard the rumours, citing industry sources. The quad core CPU can already be found in some kit from Acer, Lenovo and Asustek.

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