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Founded 1984
Headquarters The Netherlands

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  • 450mm wafers inch towards production

    Enable 450 has been in existence for a year and has eleven members including ASM International, Applied Materials Israel, ASML Netherlands, the French atomic energy agency (CEA-LETI), Fraunhofer IISB, market research company Future Horizons, Intel Performance Learning, Interuniversitair Micr-Electro
  • TSMC: forget PCs

    IEF 2013Moving to 450 millimetre wafers will help TSMC reduce costs, said See. There are collaborative efforts in EUV with other manufacturers all aimed at reducing the cost. There are many associated problems with EUV, he said. ASML is investing a lot of money to bring EUV to reality.
  • ASML teams up with Globalfoundries

    Dutch semiconductor equipment maker ASML said that one of its subsidiaries will collaborate with Globalfoundries in an effort to accelerate the development of future nodes.
  • GlobalFoundries urges EU to support chip industry

    Although many of the prominent semi manufacturing firms are based in the East or in the US, Europe has its share of innovative companies Dutch manufacturing equipment firm ASML, for example, has received investment from Intel and Samsung this year, with its technology considered crucial for future c
  • Intel: 450mm, EUV to kill off rival chip companies

    Chipzilla has chucked a lot of dosh at ASML which makes the semiconductor manufacturing equipment. This means that Intel gets almost full control of the transition to 450mm wafers and EUV lithography.
  • ASML buys Cymer to advance EUV lithography

    Chip equipment manufacturer ASML has given a boost to extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) development with the €1.95 billion ($2.6 billion) acquisition of Cymer.
  • TSMC: 18 inch wafer production to start in 2018

    TSMC, along with Intel, recently invested in dutch chip equipment firm ASML, contributing towards the firm's R&D spend as it develops its EUV technology.
  • AMSL signs up TSMC to fund R&D

    According to Reuters, ASML's chief executive Eric Meurice has told Intel, TSMC, and Samsung that they will have to help fund its costly R&D and invest in up to 25 percent of its shares or else the gear to make the new chips will not be made.
  • Chip revenues grow 4.6 percent despite industry gloom

    Among others Intel saw its second quarter profits hit this week, while equipment maker ASML also saw less than impressive results.
  • ASML profits down as chip sales slow

    AnalysisASML has announced a profit drop in its second quarter financials, with the chip equipment maker’s net income down from the same point last year.
  • Intel's ASML splurge hits Samsung

    Intel is spending more than $4 billion to buy up to 15 percent of ASML in a move that could hurt the Dutch company's other customer - Samsung.
  • ASML tipped for monopoly on 20nm process equipment

    IFS 2012Already considered one of Europe’s most valuable semiconductor companies, ASML is really dominating the world in lithography.
  • Chip equipment maker ASML does well

    Dutch chip making equipment manufacturer ASML has indicated that things are going really well for it.
  • TSMC boss demands more support from Taiwan

    “Interestingly Europe does understand the importance," Penn said, "especially the Commission. But they’re let down by an indifferent and unaggressive European semiconductor industry, except in R&D, so IMEC, and equipment, like ASML.
  • Semiconductor sales slowing

    ASML is the world's largest maker of semiconductor lithography machines which map out electronic circuits on silicon wafers. True, it does compete with Canon and Nikon but it has Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing and Intel among its customers.
  • TSMC joins in on cutting-edge lithography development

    TSMC has reportedly already installed EUV systems purchased from ASML, which it will use to develop the lithography method at its FAB 12 facility in the aim of becoming the first to foundry to provide the chip technology.
  • ASML reports huge profits for Q4 2010

    ASML has reported a record rise in its fourth quarter earnings.
  • Sales, profits surge at ASML on back of chip recovery

    Dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASML doubled its net sales for its third financial quarter, compared to the same quarter last year.

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