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  • Londoner stabbed, hit with brick for copy of GTA 5

    The victim had been to a midnight Asda launch of the latest game in the GTA series when he was confronted on Princes Avenue, Colindale, at 1.20am.
  • Asus, Google, reveal new Nexus 7

    In the UK, the Nexus 7 will be available over the next couple of weeks from Google Play, Amazon, Argos, Asda, Currys, Carphone Warehouse, Ebuyer, John Lewis, PCWorld, Shop Direct, Sainsbury's and Tesco.
  • Nominet accused of wiping websites

    Nominet gave two reasons. First, it said his contact details were out of date. This was an email address for websites registered before the turn of the century with a dead email address, however, the contact telephone number was still in order.
  • Britain is a nation of politically confused piles sufferers

    In the top food and drink section, Asda got the number one spot, indicating the UK's fondness for oven chips over actually cooking - recipes came in at number two. At the rear was that famous restaurant and grocers, Argos.
  • Samsung mass produces transparent LCD panels

    Raikes also noted that “one company has even been trying out the use of the displays in freezers at the supermarket, with price information flashing up on the freezer door,” offering a more contemporary way for Asda to flog their special offer fish fingers if nothing else.
  • Website names and shames top churnalists

    Many highly regarded online and print publications are guilty of purloining content from press releases, with BBC Online named and shamed. The Daily Mail reportedly lifted 98 percent from one press release for a throwaway story, and the Guardian itself likes to talk up Waitrose over Asda or Tesco.
  • Asda undercuts Amazon Kindle with £52 e-book reader

    Asda has joined the e-book reader bandwagon and is trying to do what it does best - undercut the competition. It plans to flog its reader for £52, which is less than half the price of Amazon’s lowest cost Kindle.
  • ASDA, M&S, Topshop accused of sending spam

    "In fact, the only spam on offer at Asda are the fritters at 2 for £3.
  • Top 500 global supercomputers revealed

    There were a few more for the financial industry, probably lower on the list because the bankers were spending the money on themselves instead of technology, but a surprising entry on the list is a number of supercomputers for the food industry.
  • Product placement on Brit TV is now A-OK, Ferrari

    It’s terrible to think that an episode of Doctor Who, for example, could actively promote stores such as Tesco, Asda, Waitrose or Sainsbury’s. Personally I prefer to get my shopping done at Marks and Spencer, which has high quality food at a reasonable price, not to mention the fantastic dine-in for

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