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  • Apple dreams of "insane" Samsung pay out

    One of the reasons why Apple and Samsung cannot agree on a licensing scheme and stop patent trolling each other is because Jobs' Mob is insisting on silly money.
  • Samsung still Apple's chip chum

    Despite all the rumours that Apple was spurning Samsung's chip making facilities as if it were a rabid dog, it looks like Jobs' Mob will be using its rival to make the A8 chip.
  • Aussies fume as Apple nicks billions

    The Australian press is incandescent with rage after it discovered that the fruit themed cargo cult Apple has worked out a way of avoiding giving billions to its taxman.
  • Apple refuses to hand on dead woman's iPad

    Apple has once again proven itself to be a bunch of heartless bastards after refusing to allow a dead woman to bequeath her iPad to her relatives.
  • Ebay defends keeping Paypal

    Still Apple will be happy that Icahn has stopped bothering them and has moved onto new targets.  For a while, he was buying shares in the fruity cargo cult with the aim of getting Apple to buy out more of its own shares to increase the value.
  • Apple appoints Roman moneyman

    Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer has decided to retire and hand over the keys of Apple's vast treasure house to Luca Maestri in September.
  • Android is lord of the tablets

    In 2013, the share of Apple's iOS dropped 16.8 percentage points as the market demand was driven by the improved quality of smaller low-cost tablets from branded vendors, and white-box products continued to grow in emerging markets.
  • Italy retreats from Google tax

    The move was supposed to make sure that Google and Apple who make a fortune in Italy did not get to send all their dosh to off-shore bank accounts in Ireland.
  • Cook tells climate deniers to bugger off

    It is not often that Apple does something which we think is worthy of praise, so when the fruity cargo cult actually does something impressive we believe it should be encouraged.
  • Apple betrays its Snow Leopard users

    The Fruity Cargo Cult known as Apple is putting pressure on those who still use its Snow Leopard operating system to carry out an expensive upgrade, by cutting support.
  • Smartphone shipments expected to fall

    The mobile revolution appears to be grinding to a halt as IDC expects a slow down in smartphone shipments at least until 2018.
  • Apple has another crack at innocence

    CommentDespite the fact that its co-conspirators have admitted that they have done wrong and paid fines, Apple's reality distortion field will not allow it to admit that it has done wrong.
  • Apple patches dire bug

    Fruity cargo cult Apple has no problem with viruses, it just pretends it does not have them and quietly pushes a fix to its users usually months afterwards.
  • Apple threatens over anti-gay bill

    Apple was about to open a large new glass manufacturing plant in Mesa, in Arizona and has implied that it will not do so if the law goes ahead. After all there is nothing worse than having your chief executive banned from a local restaurant when he is visiting the plant.
  • Samsung releases Smartwatch and fitness band

    Samsung Electronics showed off a new smartwatch and fitness band along with the latest version of its Galaxy smartphone once again putting its rival Apple's efforts into the shade.
  • Daft Italians create illegal Google tax

    CommentWhile in many ways this is seen as a way of curbing the tax avoiding antics of Google and Apple, which like to claim they are based in Ireland and Luxembourg, it is more about protecting Berlusconi's media empire from internet intrusion.
  • TSMC certain to get Apple's chip business

    Apple's keenness to get iPad Air and an expected iPhone refresh has forced it to bury any disagreements it might have with TSMC
  • China claims Red Flag sinks due to miss-management (sic)

    The Chinese government has launched several of its own operating systems, including Ubuntu Kylin which has been downloaded over 1 million times since its launch last year, as well as a the China Operating System (COS), a mobile platform developed to compete against Google Android and Apple iOS.

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