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  • Jury tells Apple to get a life

    CommentExecutives at the fruity cargo cult Apple were given a swift kick in their reality distortion field by the jury in the Samsung patent case at the end of last week.
  • Apple encryption is like the Loch Ness Monster

    German researcher Andreas Kurtz has found out that the fruity cargo cult Apple might not be telling the full truth when it claimed that email attachments sent from iOS were encrypted.
  • Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple are revolting....

    According to the Washington Post, if the government demands your personal, private email or other data, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, and others are reportedly taking steps to notify you faster and more frequently than they did in the past
  • Patent jury ponders Steve Jobs

    The jury deciding the $2.2 billion patent infringement lawsuit between Apple and Samsung has apparently been focused on Steve Jobs' "thermonuclear war" comments.
  • Iwatch goes to manufacturing

    The fruity cargo cult Apple has apparently taken its much hyped watch vapourware to manufacturing.
  • RF Micro predicts growth

    RF Micro has customers which include Apple and Samsung who have all reported slowing smartphone sales and yet its share price rose about 7.5 percent in extended trading after the chipmaker also posted a better-than-expected profit for the fourth quarter.
  • Microsoft losing millions on Surface

    Software giant Microsoft is losing a fortune on its Surface line of tablets.
  • Nokia boss denies he was Ballmer’s plant

    As Nokia started to snuggle up to Microsoft, the dark satanic rumour mill claimed that the Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was a Trojan Horse who had been planted in the phone company to subvert it to the way of the Vole.
  • AMD rolls the Kabini die

    AMD is trying to make us guess what it will be launching on April 29, but it really does not take much effort.
  • Apple shakes up shares

    While Apple has not made much new lately it appears it has been doing a financial ballet to keep shareholders interested.
  • Apple press screams over Google and Samsung defence pact

    The Tame Apple Press (TAP) has been screaming about the fact that Google has agreed to pay part of Samsung's legal bill as it tries to see off Apple's patent cases.
  • Big iPhone 6 rumoured to be late

    Chinese website claims that Apple's next iPhone iteration won't be arriving until sometime next year.
  • Apple TV can't connect to iTunes

    Engineers at the fruity cargo cult Apple are left having to explain to the supreme darlek why its iTunes upgrade meant that the Apple TV could not connect to its flagship iTunes.
  • Apple fanboys trading up to Samsung

    It seems that Apple might have been a little late in getting its latest model into the shops.
  • Intel trademarks the letter i at last

    Chipzilla's defence of the letter i has been very low key lately. In fact Apple has swept in and tried to take people to court for using the letter instead. Fortunately for the English language, which uses the letter i a lot, Jobs' Mob has been just as successful as Intel at trademarking the letter.
  • Yahoo wants Apple to knife Google

    Yahoo's Chief Executive Marissa Mayer is working on a cunning plan to persuade Apple to ditch Google as its default search engine in favour of Yahoo.
  • TSMC cleans up

    Mobile chips used in Apple products may account for 20 percent of the sales of TSMC, in the next two years, according to a Barclays PLC research note.
  • Where are the Windows tablets?

    This could mean that many of Microsoft's tablet sales are hidden from the Intel results. That is not saying that Microsoft does not have problems in pushing its Windows tablets. Last year Gartner estimated that about 4 million Windows tablets shipped worldwide.

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