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Founded Apr 1976
Headquarters Cupertino, CA, USA

St. Eve of Jobs heads up the fruit-themed maker of gadgetry, based in Cupertino. There was also Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak, but Jobs is the figurehead of the consumer cult these days. Other fruit-themed brands have included Apricot and Acorn, which is not even a fruit. The company went from selling niche boxes that entitled their owners to smug self-satisfaction to selling wide-appealing thin rectangular consumer electronics which still seem to entitle their owners to smug self-satisfaction.

Apple managed to surpass Microsoft as the wealthiest tech company after years as an underdog. The iFamily really put Apple on the map for good, first buying out Bob Dylan with the iPod and then eventually Stephen Fry with the iPad. Following Jobs' illness, Tim Cook is COO and acting CEO. Jonathan Ive makes a lot of money as a designer by regurgitating the same formula that seems to work wonders: thinner! No buttons! Shiny! It works.

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