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  • Top chipmaker logs off

    Chipmaker Analog Devices has announced that its long-time Chief Executive Officer Jerald Fishman had a heart attack and died. He was 67.
  • China becomes largest auto MEMS market

    One company which is managing to capitalise on the opportunity in MEMS is Infineon. Its CEO recently stated how important the MEMS industry is for Infineon and wants its chip designs to feature even more predominantly in vehicles and machinery.  A deal between Infineon and Analog Devices Inc.
  • Samsung challenges Intel's semiconductor leadership

    Texas Instruments grew 34.4 percent, Analog Devices grew 36.9 percent, Intel-owneed Infineon Technologies grew 41.8 percent and Panasonic grew 52.5 percent.
  • Analog triumphs over Knowles’ MEMS mikes

    LawSignal processing giant Analog Devices said that the International Trade Association (ITC) has ruled in its favour in a complaint brought against Knowles Electronics.
  • Torch 9800 Blackberry only costs $171.05 to make

    However, the device isn't as brand spanking new as RIM would have us believe with iSuppli claiming that the Radio Frequency (RF), power amplifier and power management subsystems are similar or virtually identical to those of a previous member of the BlackBerry line, the Bold 9700.
  • Ice telescope in Antarctica to probe deep space

    Physicists have built an Analog Devices components into an Antarctic ‘Ice’ Telescope, which they hope will help decode the mysteries of space.
  • Intel, Apple, practically entire semi industry sued

    LawKeranos filed against Analog Devices, Alcatel-Lucent, Apple, Atheros,  Austriamicrosystems, EM Microelectronic, Seiko Epson, Freescale Semiconductor, Infineon, IBM.
  • Cheaper, better motion detectors on the way

    "If they can get all six degrees out of it, it would be huge," says Michael Judy, a researcher at Analog Devices, the company that built the Wii’s accelerometers. “That’s the holy grail right now in the human interface to electronics.

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