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  • AMD plans more powerful Hawaii GPU

    The dark satanic rumour mill has been suggesting that AMD's Hawaii GPU could be doing a lot more than it is.
  • Russians want AMD and Intel out

    The Russian government has decided that it is much safer not to use Intel and AMD chips and it wants home grown chips used in government computers.
  • Chip companies set to desert USA

    Most likely targets are though are Altera, AMD, ARM, NXP, ON Semiconductor, Qualcomm and Xilinx.
  • AMD is split in two

    Designer of chips, AMD, has split itself into two groups and promoted two executives for the next phase of its cunning plan to make some cash.
  • Intel finally loses battle to avoid AMD fine

    Intel also tried to halt competitor AMD from gaining ground by paying HP, Lenovo, and Acer to slow or stop the launch of products using AMD chips.
  • Synaptics wants Apple back

    "If Apple is to become a customer of Synaptics again we're absolutely thrilled and happy and hope we can continue the strong relationship that it appears to have had with RSP," Chief Executive Rick Bergman told media at a news conference in Tokyo. Rick Bergman. That rings an AMD bell.
  • AMD launches mobile Kaveri

    AMD has launched its all-new mobile APU platform, codenamed Kaveri which could give Intel a good kicking in its mobile fourth-generation Core lineup.
  • Nvidia denies AMD boycott

    Nvidia has denied AMD's claims that its GameWorks program prevents AMD from working with game developers on GPU optimisations.
  • AMD runs out of steam

    CommentThe success of the SteamOS Linux distribution is revealing that AMD is going to get a kicking in the future and it just cannot see it.
  • AMD releases Bald Eagle

    AMD has released its next generation Bald Eagle R-Series APUs, which it hopes to capture a bigger chunk of the gambling, medical, signage and low-power markets.
  • Blackberry allows rivals access

    Troubled mobile outfit Blackberry said that it will allow rival mobile device management players to manage its BlackBerry 10 devices on the internal networks of their clients.
  • AMD gets ambidextrous with one ARM

    AMD is trying to make "ambidextrous" the new buzz-word for computing.
  • AMD rolls the Kabini die

    AMD is trying to make us guess what it will be launching on April 29, but it really does not take much effort.
  • Headhunters claim open season on British developers

    The UK computer games industry is facing a brain drain as skilled developers pack their bags and head to the colonies.
  • AMD will develop a 20nm process

    AMD has confirmed that it is developing chips that would be made using 20nm manufacturing technology and will press ahead with fabrication processes that include those with FinFET transistors.
  • AMD samples Seattle with PR metaphors

    AMD began sampling its Opteron A1100 64-bit ARM processors (codenamed "Seattle") and is already touting using as many mixed metaphors as its PR department can think up.
  • AMD yaps at Intel's tablet rebates

    AMD is incandescent with rage at Intel's cunning plan to offering rebates to device makers that use its chips for tablets.
  • AMD confirms mid-range Kaveri chip delay

    AMD has confirmed that its mid-range Kaveri chip will to be available in pre-built systems, but will not go on sale to the "great unwashed" any time soon.

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