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  • AMD samples Seattle with PR metaphors

    AMD began sampling its Opteron A1100 64-bit ARM processors (codenamed "Seattle") and is already touting using as many mixed metaphors as its PR department can think up.
  • AMD yaps at Intel's tablet rebates

    AMD is incandescent with rage at Intel's cunning plan to offering rebates to device makers that use its chips for tablets.
  • AMD confirms mid-range Kaveri chip delay

    AMD has confirmed that its mid-range Kaveri chip will to be available in pre-built systems, but will not go on sale to the "great unwashed" any time soon.
  • AMD's AM1 chipset arrives

    AMD has launched its AM1 chipset which provides an all-in-one desktop computing that combines CPU and GPU with low wattage, low cost, and reasonable performance. Or so it says.
  • Intel could be next target for pro-gay marriage campaigners

    According to Hot Air and using the LA Times's blacklist database, Nate Silver ran the numbers on donations from people who work at Fortune 500 Silicon Valley companies and discovered that a majority of every company's employees donated towards defeating the ban.
  • HP writes cheque to make shareholders go away

    The maker of very expensive printer ink, HP, has written a cheque for $57 million to settle a lawsuit that accused the outfit of defrauding shareholders by suddenly walking away from its business model.
  • Nvidia comes up with an answer to Mantle

    Nvidia has announced details of its answer to AMD's Mantle which was all set to clean the outfit's clock on 3D performance.
  • Nvidia, AMD and Intel push OpenGL

    The normally spitting at each other graphics chips makers Nvidia, AMD and Intel shared the same stage at this year's Game Developers Conference to push OpenGL.
  • AMD is on the verge of a turnaround

    The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street are suddenly warming to AMD again as many start to believe it might be making gains at Intel's expense.
  • ARM wrestles with Intel on micro servers

    AMD is ready to release an ARM-based server platform in the fourth quarter and the dark satanic rumour mill suggests that it is going to give Chipzilla a kicking on price.
  • Microsoft provides proof that Direct X12 exists

    Microsoft has managed to keep its DirectX 12 plans secret for so long that many people did not believe it existed. In fact, last year an AMD executive claimed that future versions of the API were essentially dead.
  • AMD's Carrizo will be 28nm

    AMD has disappointed industry watchers by suggesting that its next-generation Carrizo APU might be 28nm instead of the hoped for 20nm.
  • Get 1080p competitive gaming for under $100

    AMD has just released a cheap option for those who want to create a cheap as chips gaming machine.
  • AMD sets date for ARM Opterons

    * Updated. AMD said that Freedom Fabric is not yet supported.
  • AMD preps eight-core ARM sample

    AMD's Andrew Feldman has told the assorted throngs at the fifth annual Open Compute Summit that the company is preparing to sample its new eight-core ARM SoC with the codename of Seattle.
  • AMD in legal hot water with shareholders

    AMD has been sued for allegedly lying to investors about the success of AMD’s Llano APU and “deceptively dismissing” the potential impact of unsold inventory on the company’s gross margins.
  • Intel abandons chip factory plans

    "The new construction is going to be left vacant for now and it will be targeted at future technologies," Mulloy - who used to work for AMD -  told the local press.
  • AMD says Kaveri up for pre-order

    AMD has announced that two of its A-series "Kaveri" chips are now available for preorder, and will be in the shops on January 14.

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