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  • Apple faces more antitrust problems

    Cote in July found that Apple from 2009 to 2010 conspired with the publishers to raise e-book prices and impede competitors such as Apple of course said it would appeal.
  • Amazon wants to create 3D smartphones

    Word on the street is that the online bookseller Amazon is preparing to announce the next generation of smartphones.
  • Microsoft cuts Azure price

    The price war on cloud prices between Microsoft, Amazon and Google is heating up and everyone is slashing the cost of their service.
  • Roku rubbishes Apple TV

    Competition among streaming-video devices is also expanding. In addition to Roku's biggest rival in Apple TV, Google launched Chromecast to wide appeal last year, and Amazon is widely expected to release a streaming product at an event next week in New York.
  • Cisco charges onto the cloud

    Needless to say, Cisco has been running late and the market currently led by the world's biggest online retailer which does not seem to be giving up.
  • Apple has another crack at innocence

    CommentApple claimed that it lawfully took advantage of market "discord" and the publishers' own frustrations with Amazon, and "kick-started competition in a highly concentrated market, delivering higher output, lower price levels, and accelerated innovation
  • Patent troll sues movie distributors

    The latest daft orchestral manoeuvre in the dark comes from an outfit called Red Pine Point which is suing Apple, Amazon and Mark Cuban's Magnolia Pictures for distributing movies over mobile networks to mobile phones.
  • Missionary paedophile caught through internet

    A US missionary was teaching girls from an indigenous tribe in the Amazon what a friend they had in Jesus by sexually abusing them and putting pictures of him doing it on the internet.
  • Icahn no can tell Apple what it can do

    Apple points out that it needs ready access to cash in a fast-evolving and competitive mobile devices industry. After all, Apple is losing ground to Samsung and and the Chinese market is not predicted to go well either.
  • Apple execs have hissy fit over losing book case

    Jobs came up with a wizard wheeze to kill off Amazon and make users pay more money for eBooks by arranging a price fixing racket with other publishers.
  • Half of Britons have a tablet

    The numbers were helped by the rise of budget tablets including Amazon's Kindle Fire, for which prices start at £199, Tesco's Hudl and Argos's £99 tablet. The last, as we reported, is now unavailable.
  • Chromebooks doing well

    According to retailer and industry analysts, Google's Chromebooks did rather well last year.
  • Now your books are spying on you

    It is being seen as a way to exploit reading data. Amazon and Barnes & Noble already collect vast amounts of information from their e-readers but keep it in house. Now a new breed of start-ups, such as Entitle want to make cash by telling the world+dog.
  • Disney takes away kids' Amazon Christmas presents

    For a while now Amazon has been selling Disney's Christmas catalogue to parents who want to sit kids down on Christmas Day with a nice cartoon. However it seems that, despite parents paying for the content, Amazon has deleted them from the library and the site.
  • Drones are hackable

    Drones are being seen as a great way to deliver the post.  Already Amazon has suggested that it might be interested in the technology.
  • Kids of today like books

    It has been assumed that the kids of today are obsessed with ebooks, but it turns out that they still like paper.
  • Apple has blown it

    CommentIn other words, the arrogant elitism which made Apple great is now choking the company. Even if Apple can convince the world that it has an edge in quality its gadgets are considerably more expensive than Samsung, Google, and Amazon.
  • Sony PS4 is bricking already

    However, the Verge does admit that it is a little harder to ignore the fact that nearly 40 percent of the PS4 reviews on Amazon are one-star reviews complaining of hardware failure.

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