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Founded Jan 1996
Headquarters Miami, FL, USA

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  • Asetek liquid cools a laptop

    Asetek has built a prototype liquid cooling system for an Alienware M18x gaming laptop. Normally one of those will turn your groin to cinders as they run things like Intel Core i7at 3.5 Ghz, along with a dual AMD Radeon HD 6990M graphics card.
  • Dell quietly releases its cloud

    He said that it cuts across Dell's XPS, Inspiron, and Alienware brands, and can be controlled from Dell's mobile devices.
  • Nvidia gets excited about Alienware notebooks

    Fastest.[sic] Notebook.[sic] Gpu.[sic] Ever.[sic] begins Nvidia's chest-beating press statement about the new Alienware kit on the way.
  • Dell gets around to replacing dodgy Sandy Bridge motherboards

    Dell will offer a free motherboard replacement to customers who purchased the XPS 8300, Vostro 460, Alienware Aurora desktops or the Alienware M17x R3 laptop and received it prior to 1 March.
  • Alienware has a laptop, Palit GTX 560 Ti is almost incomprehensible and Sandy Bridge overclocked

    Hard 'upHardwareHeaven reviewed the Alienware M17x R3 gaming laptop, which earned a rating of 9 out of 10.  It was praised for its high quality screen and speakers, great performance, and excellent build quality.
  • Alienware caught overcharging for Intel overclocking

    Dell's gaming rig makers Alienware might have started thinking that its users are willing to part with a lot of cash for not much.
  • Nvidia CEO rings the 3D bells

    Computex 2010The 3D PC is being showed by a number of Nvidia's partners this week - they include Asus, Dell, Microsoft, Toshiba and Alienware.  The CEO of Asus, Jerry Shen (pictured), was drawn onto the stage to show off three machines it is debuting this week, the GS1JX-EE which is a 3D notebook, an all in one
  • AMD, Nvidia others sued over switching patents

    LawHere's the list of defendants: Alienware, AMD, Club 3D, Cyclone Microsystems, Dell, Extreme Engineering Solutions, Freedom USA, Custom Computers, GDA Technologies, General Electric Enterprise Solutions, Integrated Device Technology, Inventure, National Instruments, Nvidia, PLX Technology,Tigerdirect
  • Google plans to kill off iPad

    Dell released its Alienware M11x, which is an ultra-portable laptop with an 11-inch screen but includes a top-of-the-line graphics chip and processor. Dell described the machine as "the fastest sub-12 inch laptop in the universe
  • Gellyfish (sic) sues Intel, Dell, HP, Sony...

    A company with the unlikely name of Gellyfish Technologies LLC  wants to sting Intel, Dell, HP, Sony, Asus, Lenovo, Alienware, and Power Support because it's alleged they breached a patent it owns.

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