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  • Analyst warns Wii U going down the pan

    Pachter said that all it would take is for Activision, Ubisoft, and Take-Two to pull support, which would turn the Wii U into a Nintendo-only gaming device.
  • World of Warcraft is dying

    Activision Blizzard's cash cow is bleeding subscribers faster than a decapitated troll with 1.3 million defecting the game in the first quarter of 2013 alone.
  • EA cuts ties to gun makers

    Electronic Arts licensed the images of weapons from companies like McMillan Group International as part of a marketing collaboration for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Activision Blizzard gives "special thanks" to Colt, Barrett and Remington in the credits for the Call of Dutyfranchise.
  • Watchdog snarls at Activision

    A key watchdog has bitten the rump of the boss of Activision claiming that his fat cat salary is taking the Michael.
  • Top flack pinched thousands from Activision

    A top Activision flack stole nearly 20 grand from the company's Call of Duty kitty to fund an engagement party and pricey clothes, it has been found.
  • EA Games CEO falls on his sword

    However, after archrival Activision merged with Vivendi Games, EA was no longer the world's largest video game company and it had to compete with free and low-cost games from Facebook and on mobile devices.
  • North Korea propaganda video shows US city under attack

    It is all a bit disturbing even by North Korean standards. Luckily, the US is in good hands. The video was promptly yanked from YouTube after a complaint from Activision. The video features scenes of Manhattan in flames from "Call of Duty," so it had to go.
  • Gaming tax breaks bring Activision back to the UK

    Activision is setting up a studio in the UK and this one will be working on software for mobile users.
  • Electronic Arts settles with Activision Blizzard

    According to Reuters, the pair have been spitting legal tacks at each other over the career paths of two former Activision executives, Jason West and Vincent Zampella who were the brains behind the "Call of Duty" game.
  • Activision Blizzard boss makes put for Myspace

    Activision Blizzard's Chief Executive Officer is in final talks to take over the Media Mongol, Rupert "Digger" Murdoch's social notworking site Myspace.
  • Sony Ericsson launches Xperia Play - Playstation games

    MWC 2011Users can access and download games through a pre-loaded app and Ericsson also claims that titles "have been optimised for game play" on the phone. The company has also begun relationships with EA to bring the a multiplayer version of FIFA 10 for mobile to the device, while GLU Mobile/Activision wil
  • Activision Blizzard adds EA to bitter Infinity Ward lawsuit

    LawActivision Blizzard, the parent company of game studios Activision and Blizzard, has asked a Californian court to add Electronic Arts (EA) to a lawsuit it is taking against the creators of its Call of Duty games.
  • Ballmer to make a Bizarre buy

    Ballmer's software Imperium is seeking to expand its gaming division, now that everything is getting interesting with its Kinect and Xbox Live and according to Develop he has his eye on Activisions Bizarre subsidiary.
  • Aussie inventor still gunning for Microsoft

    He has filed new patent infringement suits in a Texas district court against Sony America, security company McAfee, video game maker Activision and the software makers Quark, Borland Software and Aspyr Media.
  • Nvidia, Xerox, Motorola others get writ over remote access

    LawA case was launched in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division alleging that Xerox, Activision, Ademero, Cakewalk, Check Point Software, Coffeecup Software, Cvision, Document Imaging Solutions, Geo-Plus, Lenovo, Manedge Software, Motorola, Nvidia, Office Gemini, Polycom, Portable Tech Solut
  • Apple, IBM, Adobe, Citrix others sued over software patent

    LawThis time Apple, Activision, Adobe, Autodesk, Capcom, Citrix, Corel, Dassault, Delcam, Square Enix, Electronic Arts, Frontrange Solutions, IBM, Intuit, Konami, Digital Entertainment, Maximizer Software, Nuance, Parametric Technology, Sage Software, Sega, Skype, SPSS, Teradata, THQ and Legacy Interac
  • Activision war goes to defcon 2

    It seems that the developers at Infinity have gone revolted against their Activision overlords.
  • Games developers sue Activision

    The gaming community was a little spooked yesterday over the suprise firing of Jason West and Vince Zampella, who co-founded Activision’s Infinity Ward studio.

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