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Founded Jan 1976
Headquarters Taipei, TWN

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  • Intel finally loses battle to avoid AMD fine

    Intel also tried to halt competitor AMD from gaining ground by paying HP, Lenovo, and Acer to slow or stop the launch of products using AMD chips.
  • Acer boss retires again

    The troubled PC maker Acer is losing its CEO and Chairman next month.
  • Intel lucks out on Acer phone

    Acer will be launching a 4G handset in Taiwan in the next quarter, but it will not be touching Intel's offerings with a ten-foot barge pole.
  • Microsoft, Intel, Google throw weight about again

    CommentOf course, without companies like Acer and Asustek, the behemoths couldn’t bring products to market. And, in the end, it’s all down to marketing money whether it is the now infamous Intel Inside programme or Microsoft levers that force vendors to push Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 whether people want th
  • Chromebooks doing well

    The cut -down laptops powered by Google's browser-based Chrome OS have been doing better than expected and has named a pair of Chromebooks, one from Samsung, the other from Acer, as two of the three best-selling notebooks during the US holiday season.
  • AMD laptops doing well

    Overall notebook category growth across Western Europe was driven principally by the UK, where sales of AMD notebooks made by HP, Lenovo, Acer and Toshiba expanded 70 per cent in unit terms.
  • Intel hopes for a netbook zombie apocalypse

    CommentChromebooks are an interesting development, too. Although they lack the x86 legacy appeal of cheap Bay Trail gear, they appear to be selling quite well.
  • Intel attempts to bluff it out as sales fall

    Krzanich told analysts that its “Broadwell” family is failing on process technology, fulfilling earlier predictions. Intel insists that Gartner and IDC are wrong, but vendors of X86 chips - including Dell, HP, Acer and others -  have suffered a deep chill for many quarters.
  • Low cost Android spurs 208 percent tablet growth in Middle East, Africa

    Apple's market share for the second quarter, 2013, was 24.44 percent - with Samsung not far behind at 22.48 percent. Next of the typical big brands were Lenovo, Asustek, and Acer, although other brannd tablets took a formidable 40.82 percent of the whole market.
  • HP stays in slow decline

    HP's operating income which is one of the highest in the PC and server industries is vulnerable to decline as server revenues shrink due to intense price competition and aggressively-priced rivals Lenovo, Acer and Asus undercut PC unit shipments.
  • Global tablet sales slow

    Meanwhile, sales of tablets grew for Apple rivals Samsung, Asus, Lenovo and Acer, market figures showed.
  • Ex Windows chief Sinofsky banned from helping rivals

    It is perhaps unsurprising that volish lawyers penned such a restrictive list considering the nature of Sinofsky leaving. He was forced to agree not to approach a long list of companies about reconsidering their custom with Microsoft - including Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, HTC, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, LG, Nok
  • MediaTek pins hopes on top-tier tablet targets

    Taipei-based Digitimes first heard the rumours, citing industry sources. The quad core CPU can already be found in some kit from Acer, Lenovo and Asustek.
  • Shine goes off Wintel tablets

    It seems the novelty of tablets is dying fast with Acer predicting that the market will be flat.
  • Acer's Computex party takes the P out of VIP

    Major OEMs - such as Acer - throw lavish parties for VIPs and spend a fortune on booze and disc jockeys, hoping that people will tip up.  But, apparently, despite the lavish hospitality, few enjoyed it and few tipped up.
  • Chinese tablets are the tiny elephants in the room

    One vendor, who I will not name to protect the innocent, told me that its rather attractive range of tabs can only be sold in mainland China, otherwise his "company's ass would get sued by Acer and the like
  • Acer boss bashes Windows RT, again

    In recent weeks Acer chairman J.T. Wang has transformed into an outspoken critic of Microsoft’s OS strategy and now he’s at it again. This time he has Windows RT in his crosshairs, and it wouldn’t be the first time we've heard PC execs criticising Redmond’s fledgling tablet OS.
  • Acer to launch Android all-in-one

    Acer seems to be taking the road less travelled with its new all-in-one, the DA220HQL, which should cost a tad over $400 - but it’s no ordinary low-end AIO.

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