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  • Accenture creates 2,000 UK jobs

    In a sign that tech outsourcing is back on track, the US-listed tech outsourcing giant Accenture has said it will create 2,000 UK jobs this year.
  • General Electric has a cunning plan for t'internet

    The next state of the plan is to work with Chipzilla to embed cloud-based, standardised interfaces within a data management system called Predix. Predix was developed by Accenture and Pivotal Labs.
  • IBM accused of dodgy deal

    It turns out that IBM executive Lochlan Bloomfield was forwarded an email from rival bidder Accenture about its proposal during the tender process in August 2007.
  • Big Blue doing better than expected

    FinancialAt the moment IBM is better than most, other than Accenture, at solving business problems.
  • Indian outsourcers feel the pinch

    To make matters worse the business is becoming harder to do. Clients demand more for every dollar spent and that is stuffing up billing rates on a commoditised set of services that Indian firms, competing with Accenture and IBM, rely on for the bulk of their revenues.
  • Francis Maude claims IT disasters will not be tolerated

    These include familiar faces such as Capgemini, HP, IBM, Accenture, Atos and Capita, and represent around £15 billion worth of business.
  • UK gov gives nod for Universal Credit IT off-shoring

    The employment minister said that though existing jobs would be kept in the UK, it would not stop contractors IBM and Accenture from creating jobs abroad.
  • AMD nicks former Dell CMO Colette LaForce

    LaForce, 39, has spent almost a decade in marketing and comms, with roles in a number of tech and venture capital roles such as Accenture.
  • Indian government gets interest from chipmakers

    A committee, set up by the DEITy to monitor the progress of the project, has asked Accenture to draw up a business proposal to enable the semiconductor firms take a final decision on investing in the project.
  • IBM predicted to raise financial forecast

    It has been a good time for software sales, with Oracle's software having a strong first-quarter too. Outsourcing firm Accenture also did a bit better than expected.
  • Gadgets become the new socks

    The Christmas present most likely to be returned to the shop to be exchanged for cash is not socks after all, according to the latest research by Accenture.
  • IBM fails to impress the one percent

    The cocaine nose jobs muttered that IBM should be doing much better particularly after Oracle and Accenture had good results.
  • Nokia officially spins off Symbian

    Following an agreement earlier this year to spin off the ailing OS to developers at Accenture, the deal has finally closed. It will see some 2,300 employees worldwide forced into the clutches of Accenture. They will make their move from China, Finland, India, the UK and the US.
  • Nokia completes Symbian outsourcing deal with Accenture

    Nokia has officially signed on the dotted line to outsource its Symbian software development services to Accenture.
  • NHS IT debacle debated in parliament

    The lucky four bidders- and we say that loosely - were Accenture; Computer Sciences Corporation, or CSC; Fujitsu and BT. They were known as local service providers, or LSPs.
  • Nokia culls 7,000 jobs

    4,000 staff will lose their jobs entirely at the world's largest, but troubled phone manufacturer. Most of the jobs will be lost in Finland, Denmark and the UK. Meanwhile, another 3,000 will be shipped off to Accenture - all of the Symbian software teams.
  • Ministry of Justice signs £14 million, five-year cloud contract

    It'll use Savvis' platform for its Enterprise Resource Planning system - the MoJ's system designed by Steria and put in place by Accenture which will look after financial IT such as payrolls, human resources and purchase, penned in for full operation early 2013.
  • Capgemini announces audited 2010 results

    Capgemini, the services and IT company, looks set to turn a profit on the back of public sector cuts. While cuts are not yet fully in effect, it has secured plenty of contracts including with Transport For London - as TFL plans to cut workers amidst a flurry of strikes - and saw a return to growth i

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