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  • Seven companies bid in UK 4G auction

    Britain's largest mobile spectrum auction is under way, as seven operators are bidding to acquire new airwaves for next generation broadband services.
  • ZTE stealth launches its brand via 3 UK

    Technically this Android Éclair (2.1) handset is dual branded – with the ZTE Logo on the front and the 3 UK logo on the back, but the lines of distinction are blurring here.
  • Nokia and Skype push Symbian client

    Techeye asked 3 UK how it viewed this development given its extremely close relationship with Skype and the fact that free Skype calls form a major part of its marketing drive. Particularly since 3 even has a dedicated 'Skypephone' handset.
  • The two minute guide to mobile HD Voice

    France Telecom and 3 UK have been the first vendors to come out of the closet with HD voice service offerings, but other vendors are expected to show their hands next week.  Here's a quick cheat sheet to the wonderful world of mobile HD voice for the curious.
  • Wanted: A 3G mast detector

    Techeye was recently chatting to 3 UK's CTO, Graham Baxter, about the present problems with 3G data rates. 3 UK estimates that the highest data throughput a typical user will see from a 3G network prsently rated at 3.6 Mbit/s will be around 2.8 Mbit/s.
  • Belair reckons Wi-Fi can save 3G networks

    Rayment is adamant that such an 'auto-connect' facility is built into the majority of existing dual mode handsets. TechEye did a reality check on this with 3 UK's CTO, Graham Baxter.
  • Brits being ripped off for data roaming

    The outrageous cost of data roaming within the UK was highlighted today by 3 UK's CEO, Kevin Russell.On average, 3 calculates that users pay around 400 times as much for a data connexion while roaming compared to the UK.
  • 3 UK shows off HD voice

    High definition (HD) voice over cellular. It's one of those technologies you didn't know you wanted but will soon desire. And 3 UKis looking to offer it, just because the company can.

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