Zettaset sues Intel

Startup, Zettaset has sued the fashion bag maker Intel over its Intel Manager for Apache Hadoop product, claiming Chipzilla nicked its trade secrets.

In a press release, Zettaset claims that Intel illegally extracted trade secrets from Zettaset’s product and technology.

This meant that Intel Manager for Apache Hadoop Software now mirrors the features and functionality of Zettaset’s Orchestrator software.

Zettaset’s Orchestrator product simplifies the deployment and management of Hadoop clusters and sells itself based on the product’s security features. The company changed its name to Zettaset in 2011, before that it was known by the handle GOTO Metrics. It has raised $13 million in venture capital.

Intel made its foray into the Hadoop market in early 2013 with the Intel Distribution and Intel Manager for Apache Hadoop software although it had a Hadoop distribution in China for a while before that.

What appears to have happened was that since early 2012, Zettaset and Intel were best of friends and worked on Zettaset’s Hadoop management layer, which was the outfit’s enterprise software platform, Orchestrator. Word on the street was that Intel was planning to invest in the company and Intel was going to build a Hadoop appliance powered by Zettaset. Then at the beginning of the year Intel announced its own product.

Intel had access to Zettaset’s product and technology, including proprietary and confidential information, but the relationship worked right up until the point where Intel announced a Hadoop management framework directly competitive to Zettaset’s Orchestrator product.

Zettaset President and CEO Jim Vogt said in an official statement that Zettaset does not like courts, or lawyers, or litigation, but it had an obligation to our shareholders and investors to protect its intellectual property, which was a key value to its business.