Ye Second Booke of ARM


1. In the beginning there was an Acorn and from the Acorn there did spring a Tudor King and low he was tawny and he was known as Tudor Brown. 2. And Acorn did begat the official Acorn RISC Machine project started in October 1983. VLSI Technology did maketh the Tawny King its ruler. And lo, was the latency and from it was begat Acorn Archimedes. 3. 4. And then there came forth the ARM2 with its revolutionary 32-bit data bus made from the Cedars of Lebanon, a 26-bit address space and twenty-seven registers of pure 32-bit gold. And the ARM 2 did begat the ARM 3 5. And there came forth Jobs of Cupertino who did work with the ARM core and did spineth off ARM and its Tudor King from Acorn and thus was ARM Holdings born. And Apple did help the Tudor King begat the ARM6. 6. And Brown did come forth and say “let not us worry about being British, or having the performance of In-Tel, let us createth chips that needeth as little lecky as possible.” 7. And behold he created a CPU which managed 233 MHz but draweth only one watt of power. 8. But the analysts were not impressed. They did spake and sayeth “thou art mad to build chips that only draweth one watt of power, for the world wants chips that goeth like the clappers.” 9. But Brown did say “speak unto me not of MHz for the devil worketh and maketh clockspeed important. For I have seen what is watt and that shall be one, and one alone.” 10. And the analysts did shrug and said “we shall believe that when we seeth it”. 11. But lo it did come to pass as Brown did spaketh it. For the world no longer wanted to sitteth before their PCs. Instead they wanted to access the Internet everywhere, yea even on the loo. 12. But if they usethed chips of Intel they would have five minutes of use before the phone’s battery was draineth, even as dry as the wells of Sinai. 13. And ARM did coineth it in for it was written that one watt was exactly what the doctor ordered. And more than 15 billion chips went forth based on ARM-processor technology. 14. And the analysts did spake and say this was a miracle. “For hath not the world decreed that there shall be no British success stories and yet hath not Brown created one?” 15. When King Brown was old and well advanced in years, he could not keep warm even when they put covers over him, for he still lived in the UK. And he decided that he had madeth enough money and it was time to spend it while he could still enjoy it. And he gathered together his board and did spake and say “I am very proud to have been so closely involved in building ARM to be the highly successful and respected company. I look forward to watching it grow further in the future.” 16. And the analysts did say ARM must look unto the East as its next leader, but the company refused to announce a replacement. 17. “Brown played an important role in the creation and successful development of ARM over the past 21 years and has made an immense contribution in a wide range of positions, especially that one where he walketh on his hands with his back arched like a crab. For it is written that Brown moveth in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform,” ARM chairman Doug Dunn spaketh, even unto the Wall Street Journal.