Ye Booke of Arm

Book of ARM  - TechEye Bible Reading


Book of Arm In which the children of Tudor Brown wonder what he is playing at 1. And it came to pass that there was a wandering tribe of chip designers born of the deserts of Arm. They rejected enclosed structures and liketh the Fab not. 2. And the Arminites had for their King a person called Tudor Brown for he hadeth the most splendid name amongst them. 3. And all was well among the Arminites for the great Messiah Steve Jobs did pay them well to provide him with ideas for mobile chips, which he had no idea about, even unto the faintest clue. 4. And as the Children of Jobs did rise into the mobile market, so did the Arminites make piles of dosh, which had to be stored in tents, because the Arminites trusted not the bricks and mortar. 5. But Tudor Brown was perplexed for he had consulted his balls of crystal and liketh not the hairy future he saw for the Arminites. 6. “I trusteth not these tablets created by the Children of Apple. For is it not early days of the technology? Tomorrow people might be back into hula hoops or something else faddish.” 7. But the people listened unto him not. For they believed that their time had come. They told him to look unto the Kings of the East, were they not attempting to copy the Children of Apple? Would they not partake of the Arminite chips also? 8. So King Tudor Brown did negotiate with the Kings of the East and they too did decide to build tablets that were remarkably like unto the tablets of Jobs. They too decided to partake of the Arminite chips. 9. And the Arminites did dance and sing for had not the whole world moved to tablets which did run on the Chips of Arm? 10. But Tudor Brown was still not certain. He still feared the tribe of In-Tel who did dominate the world with their ex-eht-Six chip. His balls of Crystal did show him that if his children did not smite In-Tel and the Kings of the East failed to smite Steve Jobs then there would be lean times for the Arminites. 11. But the Arminites laughed and lived off the fat of the land. It was a time of plenty and they sat on huge piles of money. 12. But lo it came to pass as Tudor Brown foretold. The Kings of the East could not organise a piss up even unto a Brewery. They fought the Children of Apple by trying to charge even more, or released tablets which were even less useful than those of Jobs. 13. And people did look at the Arminites and wonder, why do we value these people so highly? Why do they sit on these mountains of Gold? 14. And the value of the Arminites fell, even as Lucifer fell from heaven. And the Arminites did wail and gnash their teeth. 15. And Brown did say unto them: “Trust not the tablets of Apple, nor the tablets of the Kings of the East for these are like a mirage unto the desert. We must look unto the clouds which riseth. We must ally with the People of Redmond and King Ballmer, so that we may go onto better things. 16. And the people did shrug and say that it was a better plan than relying on the Kings of the East.