Xilinx releases FGPA with record 8.6 billion transistors

Logic device maker Xilinx has announced a world record, high capacity FGPA – cramming in 6.8 billion transistors and doubling the capacity of competing devices.

The makers of Field Programmable Gate Arrays have given its customers access to 2 million logic cells, the equivalent to 20 million ASICs gates, with its Virtex-7 2000T.  Xilinx even reckons that its high capacity FGPA is way ahead of what would be expected by Moore’s Law at the 28 nanometre process level.

Xilinx says that its customers are now using the Virtex-7 2000T to replace large capacity application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), reaching the same cost in a third of the time.

It is also able to reduce power by getting rid of I/O interconnects, and Xilinx says it will increase system bandwidth and accelerate prototyping and emulation of advanced ASICs systems.

According to Xilinx’s senior vice president Victor Peng, the Stacked Silicon Interconnect used in the Virtex-7 2000T offers capacities that are not usually available until “at least another process generation”. 

ARM is one of the firms that will be using the Virtex-7 2000T in future, with Xilinx making noise about its ability to lower bill of materials costs as well as developmental costs.

The Virtex-7 2000T is built along using TSMC’s 28nm HPL (low power with HKMG) process.