Worldwide semi market shows tiny growth

Picture courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsThe World Semiconductor Trade Statistics group (WSTS) said that the semiconductor market will be worth $336 billion this year – with sales showing a small growth of 0.2 percent.

Breaking it down, the WSTS said growth in optoelectronics was 12.1 percent, sensors 3.4 percent and analogue 2.5 percent.

But there are declines in discrete chips of 6.8 percents, microprocessors of 1.5 percent, logic of 1.6 percent and memory of one percent.

The Americas, Europe and Japan show declines while there’s growth in the Asia Pacific region.

The WSTS only expects moderate growth in all product categories excluding all memory and all regions except Europe. It predicts that all major product categories and regions will grow – that is if there’s a rebound in the macro economy.